Looking like it is going to be Sitake

-Navy AD has announced that Niumatalolo is staying.
-Anderson changed his tune about letting Sitake go to BYU, but as of about 3 hours ago, he said his staff was still in tact.
-Sitake has been sighted at the SL airport and was picked up by someone wearing a suit. He said he was taking care of some business downtown.
-Someone close to the Michigan program has said that Lance Anderson is on his way to Ann Arbor as the BYU position has apparently been filled.

Maybe he’s seeing if the brethren would let Sarkisian coach :slight_smile:

Laugh whatever you want to say to me. I am guessing Kyle Whitingham will announce after the game. We lose the game but win for Kyle. I’ll be happy or we! :smiley:

Just in…Lance Anderson has officially said he is staying at Stanford.

So, it’s Sitaki or Whit.

Or both :slight_smile:

good call,

I am excited to say the least.