Looks like another assistant coach is moving

Hadley is moving to Northern Colorado as DC for Lamb:

Preston Hadley among BYU staffers expected to join Ed Lamb at Northern Colorado | KSL.com

I’m sure Hill is bringing some coaches as well. Not unusual.

Just thought some people would like to know about where Hadley is headed. That is a step up for him if the rumors are true.

It’s a good thing for Sitaki as well. Shows that coaches are developing under his leadership.

If it’s true, I’m happy for Hadley. Great kid, solid player at BYU, and a good ambassador for the school. This would be a solid promotion for him, and Hill won’t have any trouble finding a good replacement.

Hadley was the Safties coach and then Edge D-line coach. with Gilford being retained as the DB’s coach, and with Popinga coming on board.

My question for you Tom or anyone really:
Who do you think will coach the different positions on Defense (D-line, Edge rushers, LB’ers, Safties, DB’s) with the present information you have?

I love that Tuiaki assigns a guy with absolutely zero experience (playing or coaching) in edge rushers to coach the most lacking position group on the team…almost hilarious when you think about it…totally unfair to Hadley.

I knew in advance about Popp coming (likely LB coach) and Jernaro (DB) staying, but don’t know anything more.

Hadley was the safety coach, which is the position he played at BYU. The safeties became a lot better under his guidance. Why Tuiaki moved him to the Edge rusher coaching position is a mystery to me.

Although many coaches coach different positions during the years.

I am wondering why Jay Hill did not retain him since he coached at Weber State under Hill (secondary coach and recruiting coordinator).

Well, the rumors about the “Strength and Conditioning” coaches are true, they have been fired!

BYU football: Kalani Sitake fires two highest-ranking strength coaches - Deseret News

Makes my wife a bit sad, because Tafisi daughter is in my wife’s 2nd grade.

I always liked Hadley, Too bad he was SHACKLED by an inept Tuiaki.

Do I hear an echo??

Hadley got a good promotion following Lamb to No. Colo… Maybe Hill did not want to retain him? WCS?

Makes you wonder, just how much of the injury bug is because of our wicked schedule? Tx [email protected] is the most injury-prone team in America this year.

Lastly, SMU is out some of their studs, specifically, their best receivers. Having said that, If Hall plays, we win. If Fennegan plays we lose. ( Like Fennegan, just not enough reps to counter a very good SMU QB who is going to shred BYU). High scoring affair but can BYU keep up?

Let them all leave. Last nights game was the most boring game I’ve ever watched. The offense was so pitiful and the defense was lucky. SMU called horrible plays. BYU has no offensive scheme. I could call better plays and put together a better offensive attack. The player in motion on every play fools nobody. The QB throws like a 10 year old. BYU will get squashed next year. AR needs to go. Get an offense that has imagination and not the same plays. Horrible play call on SMU’s two point try. Throw the ball!!!
I’ll watch Utah. They are better coached and don’t get stuck in the same game plan game after game.
Sitake’s post game interview was a joke. Where’s the enthusiasm, leadership, thrill.??? He acted like it was a church testimony meeting.

Well, I saw a different game. I saw our defense play like we all wanted, more blitzing, more aggressive line play and mixing up the defenses to confuse their QB. Oh, and stay in your lanes as we did on the last play on the 2 point conversion. There is still lots to work on for the new DC.

The offense is just like it should have been with a 4th stringer. Yes, he needs to throw a lot better. But he’s young and inexperienced as the interception showed. The coaches made SMU think a throwing QB would be playing all week. Great move to have a really good running QB for that game. Brilliant move!

Good thing they didn’t tie the game and have to do OT. Exciting game! Go watch your beloved Utards. Fits you perfectly. Merry Christmas!

Hard to argue that if that’s the best offense BYU can muster, we get slaughtered in the B12 next year. I feel like BYU was very fortunate to hold on and win that game. After the pick, ARod 100% abandoned even the threat of a pass, and Kalani reverted to the Little League Prevent Defense and we almost pi$$ed away what was a pretty comfortable lead…a lead that could have been bigger if we had thrown even a little. By the 4th quarter, SMU wasn’t even bothering to guard the TE (or middle zone) anymore, using that extra guy in close quarters run D.

On BYUSN Sol Jay was interviewed today. His first comment was that he just received the Melchizedek Priesthood this weekend. He’s married and has at least one kid. Was he a member when he came to Provo or is he a recent convert?

Member from big LDS family in Kahuku. I’m told he is a great kid. 3 year starter at Kahuku and transferred to St John’s, a football factory near Washington DC for his senior year, ostensibly to get more nationwide attention. Tons of offers out of HS, including but not limited to Michigan, Utah, Virginia, Purdue and Oregon. All of these programs offered him as a quarterback.

He can really run. His first pass to Rex was good. Just inexperienced with defenses. If he works hard, possibly a starter. In haven’t seen Fennegan. I heard he didn’t play due to being sick and a nagging BYU type injury.