Lots of upsets this weekend

Illinois goes down and so do a lot of higher seeded teams like BYU. I wonder if the referees hate those schools as much as some in here think refs hate BYU???

Probably not, why do you ask?


Oregon State just upset Oklahoma St. BYU was upset. Refs hate BYU. So, Oklahoma St. was upset. So refs hate Oklahoma St. Same with all the upset teams and there are a lot this year. BYU just needed to shoot better and win.

I think a lot of the losing have to do with the whole crazy year where normal scheduling is more a hit and miss than anything else.

Personally, I don’t the Ref’s are “Anti” church or BYU for the most part, but having said that, I also believe that it is entirely possible as well. Ref’s are human and prone to have their issues with certain teams.

In my 10 years coaching on the high school level at a private Catholic school referees were more likely to dislike the coaches more than anything. Second on the list is they preferred a specific team because they lived in the same rural area (Santa Yanez) or Ojai. Not because of religion.

What I saw, and someone I know won’t agree, is that we had questionable referees grading each other’s abilities. We had referees that came to get some jogging exercise calling only traveling all game long and few foul calls. And some refereed college too. I know referees can’t see everything. I refereed a Middle School game and missed a kid stepping out of bounds. I was standing next to him. But I was focused at the other players. I got an earful. All I could say is I didn’t have fish eyes and see to the side.

Simpleton conclusion. There is much more to a basketball game than what you typically postulate.

It was more likely the coke bottle lense glasses you were wearing. Nobody trusts a referee with glasses.

Coach Cleveland said the same thing too on Sports Nation Monday. It was a simple reason. Knell needed to be in the game shooting 3’s.

Just “shooting threes” in volume wasn’t good enough against UCLA. Anyone not named Jimmer couldn’t even get open shots (credit: UCLA’s smothering defense). We needed to counter some other way, and didn’t. Knell shooting in volume would have just been more misses.

This is where a good inside/big man game would have helped. It a) would have produced more points, and b) opened up the outside shooting.

I also wish Pope had put Connor Harding on Juzang earlier than the 2nd half. He did a great job of lockdown defense on him, but not until he scored his 17 first half points.

I agree with Rubicon. I think overall Haarms was a benefit to the team this past season but dang… it takes forever for him to position himself, get the ball and find a good shot. So long in fact that it slows the game down way too much. Also, more than half the time the process would take a good portion of the shot clock time and he wouldn’t get a good shot or score anyway.

Hopefully Lohner can develop into a multi function player that can post up and get a good shot quickly.