Mangum is a stud and we would have

Won going away had he not gotten hurt

BUT T. Mangum came back in and we WON anyway.

We would have won going away if TM had stayed in the game? We must have watched different games.

ECU was unable to stop us with Mangum. We didn’t score another point after his injury until he came back in. We would have scored another 3 touchdowns had Mangum stayed in. Pretty easy to figure this one out.

3 TDs? Really? Guess that is a fact rather than a guess.

Yes, it is. Mangum comes back in and does what? Leads them to another touchdown. Pretty simple deduction of real reasoning. Unlike your silly deduction about Bronco not being a good DC :slight_smile:

Was there any punting by BYU tonight. If so, that counters your GUESS that just because Mangum is in the game there are automatic TDs on every series. And the D stunk tonight and I was mostly being sarcastic. I was not deducing, I was observing a stinky D tonight. Guessing is silly, observing is not. So there, :frowning:

I’m right and you are wrong. Everyone knows it too. Magnum healthy and the final score would have been 59 - 28.

Oh come on! Mangum would have erased 3 of ECU’s TDs and scored lots and lots of TDs for BYU in the limited time he was out of the game and the final score would be 101 to 10.

I’m with grasshopper on this. I believe that Hodge was in for 3 drives. Without rewatching the game, I think that he got one first down. Meanwhile, ECU scores 3 times. So, if Mangum scores on one of those 3 drives, and the extra time off of the clock would have limited ECU to one less score, therefore, the final score would have been? 42-21 That seems like going away to me.

In addition to grasshopper’s comment, the combination of the hurry-up offense that ECU ran and Hoge doing 3-and-outs every possession put an enormous strain on an already tired defense. I am pretty confident that the defense would have done much better in the 4th quarter if not for them being on the field so much.

To the logical and educated it makes a lot of sense. I just wish Anae would have continued the same game plan. I think the kid was more ready to try and what was he given? Nothing.

That’s another excellent point. The D got tired because we went to run only and that caused the 3 and outs because ECU knew Anae would not continue the game plan and would just run.

I was at the game. It was fun. Anae was calling the best game of his life. But when Hoge came in, he reverted to being overly cautious and not trusting the kid. ECU knew exactly what to expect: run on first, run on second, then pass on third and long with ECU sending everyone but the kitchen sink after the poor kid. It’s hard for anyone to get first downs when you tell the D in advance what plays you will run. Yes the kid broke a cardinal rule on the scramble drill: if you run outside of the hash, you throw outside of the hash–but Anae didn’t even give him a chance.

All credit for Mangum coming back in and leading a great TD drive when we needed him most.

I completely agree. It was the best game Anae called. 35 points before the end of the 3rd quarter. And, it was fun to watch too.
Yes. Whether Hoge was ready or not, we would have been better off sticking with the game plan.

ESPN had the Mangum Hail Mary as it’s #2 play of the month. Not a bad way to start a career.