Mark Durant validates my coaching understanding

Today, Mark Durant talked about Payton Dastrup and why he doesn’t get the playing time he wants and some of you licensed referees :wink:

  1. Playing time is always based on what goes on in practice. End of story!
  2. Payton on defense misses assignments and block outs. He’s a bench player and that means yank time.
  3. Payton turns the ball over too much and as a bench player that means yank time.

These things are exactly what I would say as a coach. Thank you :relieved:

in that case yank half the team😉

Fortunately all of that is something that can be corrected. He has talent and talent isn’t something you can teach like, blocking out, avoiding turnovers, etc.

If you noticed, there are many who aren’t playing a lot of minutes. AS Mark Durant said you have to prove yourself in practice. It’s really that simple. And he also said he would hope Payton can play more because of the 4 fighting for time he has the most upside.

For sure but for whatever the reason is, he’s slow in learning it and doing in practice. I hope he does because he can help more on offense too.

you need too toss Seljass in that 4 because he has looked totally inept at times and an obvious defensive liability

Yet, he must be looking good in practice.
However, I think matchups are important too. Pacific has tall players and we need more rebounding. Dastrup can score so unless Dastrup is really pathetic in practice then Dastrup should get more time. Nixon too. None of us are at practice so we really don’t know what’s going on except Dastrup doesn’t get much playing time and Sejlass does.

i’m a firm believer that Nixon is better suited for that role than Seljaas. Seljaas biggest problem is he is playing out of position, which really hurts in the paint on defense. The games coming up against Gonzaga will show where BYU is at. A split will show that in the tourney anything can happen, but Nixon might be key in that respect. Dastrup hasnt been utilized enough imo, but at this stage its getting a little late for this year for him to be what he might have been

I agree. I was expecting Sejlass to come off the bench for Haws at the 3. And, push Haws at the 3.
I would like to see Dastrup and Worthington share time at the 5 and Nixon to come in at the 4 to give Childs rest. And, if Dastrup or Worthington get into foul trouble, Nixon can come in at the 5.

According to the grasshopper, this is exactly what you would expect to hear when the coaches talk to each other during games.

HS - “So Seljaas and Nixon aren’t doing much in the game so far, should we take them out or keep playing them?”

DR - “Let’s keep them in and give them at least 20 minutes of court time to see if they can play as well in the game as they do in practice”

15 min. later…

HS - “It’s still not happening, should we take them out and try Dastrup?”

DR - “No way, he doesn’t do well in practice so he needs to sit”

HS - “Maybe we could try him for a couple minutes, Seljaas and Nixon are killing us out there”

DR - “Okay, get him in there… but only for a couple minutes until he starts doing better in practice”

HS - “His defense is a little shaky but he is really productive and has turned the game around for us”

DR - “let’s get him out now, 4 minutes is long enough, even if he did score 5 points, grab 3 boards, block 2 shots and get a steal. He needs to do that in practice”

HS - “I realize I’m a defensive specialist, but Dastrup has game and he gives us a spark. He needs more than 5 minutes a game… we might need him down the stretch at the end of the season”

DR - “Heath… I brought you in to improve the defense, not come up with some plan to help us finish better than third in this conference”

HS - “Yeah, I know… sorry I suggested we play Dastrup more”

DR - “It’s okay, no worries. If he doesn’t like the way we do things here in Provo, he will transfer out… just like so many other good players have done”. He isn’t local talent, so nobody around here will care"

HS - “It’s hard to understand this philosophy, but I’m trying”

DR - “Did you hear about the kid from Payson? It’s kind of a drive to recruit him but we could go check him out this friday. He’s 6’2” and scores like 25 a game. He can’t play defense but that is why you are here"

HS - “This is going to take some getting used to”

LOL!!! Good job for some great fiction writing.
Stoyer would be the one getting Dastrup out and reduce his playing time because he may score but his defense hurts us right now. Something you complained about last year with Haws and Emery’s defense. You said sit them when they screw up. Well, Stoyer is doing just that.
Rose is doing just what you wanted. Now you complain about it. Fiction :slight_smile:

Lol! Jim were you the fly on the wall?

This post is all over the place. You didn’t even spell or pronounce the assistant coaches name correctly, let alone make any sense. You have a foggy memory, something that happens with age.

It’s a mistake to sit Dastrup and play him only 5 minutes a game regardless of whatever defense you think he doesn’t play. It’s a mistake.

Then it’s Dastrup’s mistake. As Durant said, you must prove yourself in practice for playing time. You wanted accountability and you now have it. But, it’s not what you thought. Yet, it’s exactly what you see.

LOL-nice Hawks😅

I don’t agree with this specific opinion. Perhaps this is why Bonny never wins any CIF basketball titles.

I want accountability for what happens out on the court, what helps or does not help the team win games. I don’t give a crud what goes on in practice… because I don’t see it and I don’t care. I see what happens in games and the coach is accountable for the results as much as the players are. Rose has screwed up the situation with Dastrup, plain and simple, and Rose is accountable for that.

End of story.

You don’t know what I think. You can’t even understand what I write. Obviously we don’t see the same things during the games. You think Seljaas helps a lot. You think Nixon is great. I think Seljaas has been marginal and Nixon is a rust bucket that gets too many minutes right now. You think Dastrup shouldn’t play because he doesn’t practice good or whatever. I think Dastrup produces and has huge upside but the coach doesn’t like him so we get excuses like “he doesn’t practice good”.

It’s nonsense and the team will finish in 3rd place with a NIT berth once again.

Stick to refereeing where you are fair at :slight_smile: Let the coaches explain Sports life to you because you didn’t pick up on it when you were playing in high school.
Dastrup is a liability on defense. Last year that wouldn’t have made a difference because we were run and gun and didn’t care about defense. But not this year. That’s the facts. Dastrup will have to catch on the defense and show this in practice. I’d like to see him play more too because he has more upside than Nixon or Worthington.

Seljaas is more of a defensive liability and Nixon is an offensive liability. He has missed every 3 pointer he has taken this season, among other things.

I know you won’t understand what a +/- ratio is but I am willing to bet that the ratio is higher when Dastrup is on the court than many of the other players including Seljaas, Nixon and Worthington. If you don’t understand what this is, spend some time educating yourself and learn about it. :scream:

I just barely found this thread! This is the best material you have ever written. Last time I checked … there has never been a game credited as a loss or a win based on what happened in practice! Peyton gone the way of Chatman and Toolson and many others. Jim… I couldn’t get through your post without laughing so hard my head hurt!!

If that is comedy to you, you should find is old conspiracy statements for the reasons we lose close games and don’t win a conference championship. Those were hilarious! :hugs::crazy_face: