Mateos joining Grimes?

Report that seems to indicate that will happen.

usually Coaches take position guys with them. Didn’t Gimes bring Mateos in to BYU?

I’d be surprised if He doesn’t take more then Mateos

Mateos seems to have been great , but if he goes Arod will find somebody good to work the OL for him. I think we are gonna like Arod

It is amazing to me how fast we went from average lineman to all Americans. I believe that we will find someone to continue The trend
Byu will struggle until we have another great quarterback with experience so don’t get your hopes up that we will be beating Utah anytime soon or be in the public eye like we were this year
But I do think we will be good next year we have great players at the key positions. And we do have tuiaki. :joy:

Lol-funny Chris :joy: We will be ok next year-winning record-fun to watch-and the qb position may be by committee, but it’s good to have competition so everyone is trying to excel. You know there are a lot of “if only”s in sports, but it’s generally “what it is”. There are a lot of positives in athletics and a few negatives, but the main thing should center around the positive’s of sportsmanship and excellence of performance. Being able to recognize our opponents skills and not falling into the “excuses” mode, that so many rationalize. Despite the losses in basketball, I’m going to love watching these guys get better and mature