May 9, 2022: The Day the 2022-2023 Season Hit the Toilet Water

Pope’s first year was very good. He had a solid core of experienced players in place and he added two really good transfers. It has been a steady slide ever since. If hope he can keep his core of players together. He needs to keep Chandler and add a good 6’10”, or taller, guy with some skill and then he might have a good team. If all the top players with eligibility return and he can keep Chandler and add a good big man I think he would have a real solid team.

Will Chandler be off his mission and able to play in 2023 or does he have another year on his mission?

Chandler returns in 2024.

I’m sitting here watching Texas and Baylor play right now. These guys have NBA talent on those teams. Baylor, in particular, loaner has his shirt on. He will not even get into a Baylor game because he doesn’t have enough talent. He was freshman of the year at the WCC and he can’t even get into a Baylor game. Does anyone hear what I’m saying? BYU hast to get major talent upgrade to even participate in the big 12 let alone win any games.

Loaner can’t shoot. That’s why he isn’t playing much.
Also, we have beaten Gonzaga a number of times and should have twice this year. We need a big man that can shoot and dominate. Imagine Foose at the 4 with a 7’ center that can play. We have the other pieces.

You’re correct that Lohner can’t shoot, but he’s had a few other problems as well. He actually played three minutes today and recorded zeros all across the stat line. Earlier this week he played six minutes against Kansas St. and his only recorded stat was three turnovers.

I have to wonder if Caleb will transfer after this season. I have to think that he has lost his confidence and is in the coach’s dog house.

He shouldn’t have transferred. His size could have helped BYU this year.

Loner has plenty of talent and he can shoot the ball just fine. Everything that’s going on is between his ears.

It’s unfortunate he left. He could have contributed something significant at BYU and maybe they would have won a few more games if he had stayed. At Baylor he makes no difference at all as far as I can see.

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Agree. I have seen several Big 12 games this season and I can say with surety that BYU will have its’ hands full. I don’t know how they are going to do it but I think they will compete, just not sure how many conference wins that will translate into. It’s going to be a tough road for sure.