McNeese st game

You can’t throw the ball any better. And Rodney needs to catch it.

Horrible execution on offense so far. Two fumbles in the backfield. Offense doesn’t look prepared.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Head cases.

That is a hallmark of all athletic teams and the football team leads the way. How can any team possibly go from beating a top 10 team on their home field and then come back home the next week and look so bad? Only BYU could pull it off and they have in the first quarter.

Has to be the most frustrating team in the history of sports to be a fan of.

I really like Hifo and Katoa. Simon should be benched.

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It happens after a big win. Nothing surprising. Just have to play harder.

They had great practices. But, MN is mixing things up. We have settled down. The 3rd Quarter will be key to see if we can put away a team for a change.

Is Tanner managing the game? :thinking:

Byu got the two interceptions.

Looks like Wisconsin is going to beat Iowa