Meanwhile back at the Rec League

I would like to know where in the world the WCC gets its referees from…I mean, is there some community like Guantanamo or an island that these guys are quarantined to until WCC league games and then they let them out cause I sure don’t remember seeing any of this crappy calling going on in the preseason.

The advantage of being at home with a remote to replay and slow the action down to a snail’s pace lets me see what is going on out there. #1, Marley Biyendolo was put out there on one reason, to hack, hit, push, shove and throw his body into Haws or any other Cougar. Watch what this particular player did prior to the scrum just before half time when he shoved Neilson as hard as he could into Haws to try and injure Haws. He was called to 2 fouls in 11 minutes but they should have called 10 or so.

In a game when you are not getting the calls as was the case in the 1st half, Rose has got to force the refs into making calls. He has got to call a timeout and address it not only with the players but get after the officials. Once play resumes, the Cougs have to attack with guys like Bartley, KC and Haws hard to the basket.

The perfect example of Great Coaching would be MSU, Tom Isso, in the IOWA game when his guys were playing poorly. Isso promptly marches out and confronts the ref so intensely that he gets teed up. From that point on, the game was night and day. Isso’s players played inspired, the refs called it fairly and MSU won a game decisively that they were behind up to 14 points in.

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