Meanwhile, back in the ACC

From ESPN:

“Boston College: Chatman was the biggest bright spot for the Eagles, who are trying to stay out of the ACC’s cellar. He kept the Eagles in the game in the first half, hitting all seven of his shots. He hit 10 of 12 from the floor for the game, including nine 3-pointers.”

We could sure use that kind of outside shooting, not to mention what he would have done for our defensively weak team this year. Too bad we lost him.

Why did we lose him? Rose picks his favorites and if you are not one of them. tough beans

I do not think he is the perfect coach for the team as boosters say.

Remember that Jordan left BYU because the BYU law school would not allow him to attend law school AND play basketball, whereas BCU allowed him to do it. So that is not on Coach Rose. Coach Rose liked Jordan and was disappointed to lose him. Especially when our bench is um, not so good.

And Jordan is hitting 44% from deep, against ACC athletes. I think we could just maybe use some of that. Thank you, illustrious Dean of the BYU law school…I’m a lawyer and I don’t care what rules the BYU law school has–if you can’t make an exception every now and then for varsity athletes, you are asleep at the wheel. This would very rarely come up.

very rarely… as in almost never.

I love it when former basketball players star on other teams while our guys languish with no accountability.

How immature are some of the decisions, players and policies?

I will remind people that Jordan was not used nearly as much as he should have been last year with only a 10min/game average. He was caught in the “bench trap” that doesn’'t allow enough minutes in the early non-league games for a player to show himself to the coaching staff in game/pressure situations. Jordan, if he still played at BYU, would be with Beo, and Jake Toolson, on the pine watching the game for 90% of the minutes. People like Hopper would be saying that he can’t shoot or make his own shots. “HAWS IS BETTER” on offense and “Emery is better on defense” mantra would be heard from all the people who go on last names and not with accountability on the floor. The same crowd never wants the bench players to get enough time to prove themselves because they just might!!! Keep Haws and Emery (even when hurt and can’t defend or shoot) on the floor for 35 to 38 minutes a game and lose the games. How is that whole thing going for you?

I think there are some reasonable ways that Rose could resurrect this team, but he will not face the music or make his players do the same. I hate to think of what will happen on Thursday against GU if Mika, Emery, Haws, Childs and Rose start the game. Actually, the one positive (unless Few realizes it) is that Childs may be matched up perfectly with Jonathan Williams. If Few changes his starters (which he has done 8 times this season) we could be in deeper trouble. Do you think Dave Rose will change his starters this year? Who is a better coach? Has Few benched a couple of starters for a game or two because they weren’t playing GU defense or turning the ball over too much? Hummmm. Did Few wait 22 games and counting to make his players accountable? Who is ranked #1?

Maybe we could just copy a Few of the things that GU does … maybe just a FEW?!

Don’t forget Cory Calvert and Frank Bartley

Could we use a lock down defender now? Bartley and Chatman both qualify as very good defenders as did Calvert. Lets see Bartley would be a senior and Chatman would be a junior … who would you want on the current BYU roster… the LP4 kid and Leifson or the above mentioned two? I know, BYU law school wasn’'t flexible, but I am not buying that. If it was a “star” player involved they would have found a way to get it done… just ask Steve Young!!

Good sleuthing John!!

I’m pretty sure Few turned down the UNC gig. I’d say he’s a pretty good catch for Zags.

He also turned down the UCLA and Lakers jobs … said that the fishing wasn’t as good in the LA river as is was in the Spokane river. I don’t think he will go anywhere outside of GU, except retirement. You have to admire the guy. Clean cut, not much swearing, super hard working recruiter. Molds his basketball teams and seems to have a knack for keeping the program climbing higher each year. Most of all I like his accountability for his players. How many GU players transfer to other schools? How many players have transferred out of BYU? He has a great eye for talent. He has red-shirted “star” players and they comply. He gives lots of playing time to bench players and holds expectations high for everyone on the roster. If we could get the missionaries into his house we could finally land the big fish … you think J Parker and F Jackson would have played for Few at BYU? I do. Get the coaches and “they” will come.

I think that BYU, as an institution, isn’t the ceiling… It is our basketball coaching and program that is. I believe we have a big winner in charge of football and I am excited to see what the next 5 years hold on the turf. I am also excited for men’s and women’s vb as I think those coaches are national championship caliber. So is the woman’s soccer team and even our cross country and track teams…rugby … did I miss one?

Men’s baseball & Women’s softball.
Fly fishing in Utah is great here too. Would Few come? Not likely that BYU is a different animal that all other schools don’t have to deal with.

Fished with Few a couple of times. He has been known to take a day or two in the middle of the season, I know, I was there.

Had he then had an ounce of competition in him back when he left he would most likely be playing too! Allowing Haws and Bryant time to grow into the collegiate game. Instead he didn’t have the self confidence needed.
Kieth Rice could have bolted from BYU when he heard Danny Ainge was coming to BYU taking the lime light and floor time from him. But Rice worked hard and ended up a star on an average team that year. And Ainge didn’t have to do it all his freshman year. Rice was a non-member and black. He could have easily bolted.
We will see if Beo and others will be willing to work their butts off. Neilsen could have stayed as well and done likewise.

Working their butts off has nothing to do with the problem of favoritism or playing time or enforcing good basketball standards equally on all players on the roster. You miss the whole point.

If Chatman didn’t have competition in his blood, he wouldn’t have gone to an ACC school to play… Far more competition than the WCC. Your comments mainly lack clear thinking.

He left because of the competition from the LP3 kids and Bryant. He saw a school where he could easily make and play minutes with. I wasn’t responding to the competition between schools. Duh!!!

yeah… interesting that he seems to be doing more than any of the players that took his place. You see grasshopper, that is the problem, and it is kind of funny that these other players already knew this because we are seeing it unfold before our very eyes.

LP3 and Bryant are in no danger of losing minutes and playing time regardless of how they perform. Rose has thrown his eggs into the basket and that is the way it will be. If you had the ability to comprehend what others have posted here, you would get it.

Blame it on a bad offense, mission rust, or whatever other lame excuse you want to use, the bottom line is that these special treatment players aren’t improving as a unit and it is because they are not being held accountable for their play.

Why do I waste my time over and over… you never get it and even if you do, you never acknowledge it.

Chatman left because BYU Law School Dean wouldn’t allow him to matriculate there and continue to play a varsity sport. BC–and many other schools–figured a kid smart enough to graduate from college in 2 years while playing a varsity sport was smart enough to attend law school and do the same. I’m a lawyer. Law school is a joke. Chatman didn’t leave because of the LP3 or Bryant–he HAD to leave or QUIT basketball. Thank BYU for that one, not Chatman, his dad, or Coach Rose.

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It wasn’t Rose who told Chatman to leave. He could have stayed and competed for playing time.

Again, he could NOT stay AND attend law school, which is/was his life goal. BYU law school told him they wouldn’t let him attend there and keep playing ball. BC–a more highly ranked law school–said no problem, come on out. End of story.