Meanwhile, back on the hill, as the Whit turns

Coach Whit came out with a statement that he loves Utah and that he is happy where he is at.

Meanwhile, what he is not saying is drowning out this entire discussion. Here is what we know…Utah’s AD, Hill, expected to fire Witt after a poor 2014 showing, that did not happen. The evidence came in the form of Hill not extending any of the assistant coaches contracts. This all backfired on Hill when Utah contended for a P12 title and a blowout of CSU in their bowl game. All the assistants bolted even after Hill offered to up their pay by up to $800,000 per year but it was a lot too late. Whit is left naked and since all the juicy head coaching positions had been filled, Whit is stuck with saying that he is happy at Utah.

The irony in all of this was the merry-go-round had Bronco looking at Wisconsin (mildly) but salivating at the Oregon State HC job and consequently Whit looking not only at some of the same vacancies but even crazier, here at BYU but it was all a little late as they were all filled.

Word on the street is that Whit is in dire need of good offensive and defensive coordinators. They glaring loss here is Sataki and the poli-pipeline. I have heard that some recruits have backed off of their commits.

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what is interesting chris, is that Whitt was on talk radio today and when asked about his relationship with Hill, he said “We keep that in house, and we are going on”…

hill asked by Kragthrope (newspaper) the same question, Hill answer was “What? we have a good relationship, I am not aware of any issues”…

What does that tell you?

Both Hill and Whit are saying what they have to say, especially Hill.

Whit has to be smiling ear to ear when the students Booed Hill during the UCLA game when he made a presentation at half time. This is not going away anytime soon. Whit has to be seething over what Hill did to his staff and he is not going to forget or forgive.

Makes you appreciate the stability we have here at home.

Chris? Is Fish Chris Hill himself? If so we can hear it directly from the horse’s, er, the fish’s, mouth…

Unless he is lying on his profile, yes!

Chris Bailey is who he is…