Mediocrity Not Good Enough in the B12

Arkie recently mentioned that mediocrity won’t cut it in the B12. I think it deserves its own thread. Thanks Arkie.

Mediocrity will get us slaughtered in the B12. We have to play like we want to win, not like we are afraid of losing. Or maybe Kalani’s goal in the B12 is to go 6-6 every year and qualify for a minor bowl…

  1. When you include the lost TOP for our offense, BYU simply had one of the worst defenses in the country this year. 109th in sacks. 106th in 3rd down D. 109th in 4th down D. We ran backwards in full retreat on the snap, fearing imminent disaster, while our opponents just threw underneath and ran the ball down our throat, as our 3 or 4 guys up front were blocked by 6. It’s a shame because we had some talent up front with Batty and Pepe, but their talent was wasted.

  2. The “injury” excuse doesn’t work. Every team has them. I think it was THawk who pointed out how ridiculous it is to think that asking 2nd and 3rd team DBs to cover in space for MORE time instead of LESS time is somehow going to make it easier on them.

  3. Kalani’s weird loyalty to the soft scheme is hard to explain.

What we hear:
Kanani every week: “It’s on me. We need to get our D off the field. We will learn from this and improve.”
Defensive coaches to media: “This is our deepest team ever. 10 guys who could start in the secondary.”

What I think gets said that we don’t hear:
DC to Kalani: “Holy crap, these guys are so bad…if we pressure we will give up a TD on every play. Let’s just drop 8; 11 play TD drives don’t seem as bad as 5 play TD drives.”
Offensive Coaches: “What the XXXX is wrong with these guys? Get off the field and give us the da#m ball.”

  1. Football should be FUN TO WATCH.
    It is sad and pathetic to watch BYU just retreat on nearly every down. The stats are ugly enough, but the viewing experience is even worse.

  2. Our “tough schedule” this year was a mirage. We played what turned out to be a TOTALLY average schedule–ranked 64th/130 (highty Coastal Carolina had the easiest schedule in the country (130/130)). So I don’t want to hear one more word about ‘5-0’ vs the P12’–4 of those teams were straight garbage. Sitake and Tuiaki didn’t even have the courage to be aggressive against average teams…heaven help us all in the B12 if they don’t change their ways…

  3. Beating Utah was a BIG BIG BIG deal. That’s how BYU can look if we play with fire. I hope Kalani looks back at that game and realizes that is how BYU football can look.

I love this post!

On a completely different front Gavin Baxter is done with Bball. He is moving on with life. This will really hurt our team. Harward is also done with Bball …… is what I am being told.

Back to football with Larimar!

Yes, yes, yes. Play to win or . . . get the hell off the field, you’re boring me! The bowl game: UAB fun to watch; BYU was painfully boring to watch.

Nailed it as always

Larimer, here is your back up!
5 Key Adjustments BYU Football Needs to Make for the 2022 Season (

BYU offense was a Juggerknot. We had the ability to score on every single drive but with TOP enough to have 5 or 6 drives in a game, BYU was as efficient as any team in America, we just never had the ball.
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