Mendenhall Contract Details

The final season in the Mike London era came with an average of 43,285 fans entering the 61,500-seat Scott Stadium for Virginia football games.

The Bronco Mendenhall era will begin with a financial incentive to help make the 84-year-old venue full again.

A $20,000 bonus for each stadium sellout is one of the many intriguing items in Mendenhall’s contract with UVa, signed last Friday and obtained Wednesday though a public records request by The Daily Progress.

Mendenhall, who will join the Cavaliers full-time after BYU’s Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 19, is due to make $17,750,000 in base and supplemental payments over his five-year deal.

Some highlights:

» Mendenhall’s base salary is $500,000. His annual supplemental compensation starts at $2,750,000 in Year One and increases to $2,900,000 in Year Two, to $3,050,000 in Year Three, to $3,200,000 in Year 4, to $3,350,000 in Year 5.

London’s base salary was never higher than $399,300 and supplemental compensation was never above $2,169,679.

» Virginia will pay BYU up to $1,185,000 to buy out Mendenhall’s contract with the Cougars. Such a contract is not available to the public because BYU is a private institution. Mendenhall is 99-42 over 11 seasons with the Cougars.

» In addition to paying a common carrier for Mendenhall’s cross-country move, Virginia will pay Mendenhall a one-time signing bonus of $25,000 to assist with “other transition expenses.”

» Mendenhall will receive a $1 million bonus should he lead UVa to a national championship and will receive a $500,000 bonus should he get the Cavaliers in the College Football Playoff.

An ACC championship is a $100,000 bonus. A bowl appearance is a $75,000 bonus. Bonuses for final rankings in the two major polls range from $150,000 (Nos. 1-5) to $75,000 (Nos. 16-20).

Bonuses for team GPA range from $50,000 (3.0 or better) to $10,000 (2.80 to 2.89).

He’ll earn $50,000 should he take official ACC coach of the year honors.

» Virginia is providing Mendenhall a salary pool of $3 million for assistant coaches, which will increase annually by 5 percent.

» A $3 million buyout is in place should Mendenhall leave within the first three years of the contract. That decreases by $600,000 in each of the deal’s final two years.

I’m not sure his #1 priority is what he says it is.

I think Floyd might disagree with you but I’m not sure why he would. Craig was right on point when he said that coaches at the college level are doing it for the money and/or opportunity to make a lot of money. The facts speak for themselves and it is just another sad commentary on our societies values and what is “important”…

Given the state of CFB today, I do not blame Bronco for going for the gusto ($$$$$). I would do the same. However, it is about the money. So change good for Bronco and good for BYU in terms of needing to do something different. Initially, could be negative for BYU but have to wait and see.

Why is earning more money wrong? A new PEW poll out says the middle class shrink from 61% to 50% since 1971. The lower class grew 4% mostly because of baby boomers retiring. While the rich class grew by 7%. Now, is that a bad thing?
Why is leaving BYU only right if he takes a pay cut?

Bronco has said all the right things about leaving, and I don’t blame him for wanting to set himself up financially for the rest of his life.Most of us would do the same. I guess what I would have liked to hear is something to the fact that this is also a valid reason to leave. He can’t say it, but we all know it. What this really comes down to is that BYU needs to pay up. They need to start being competitive or pull out of sports all together.

Why? Because they don’t win national championships or compete for them. Most teams never do either. But, we are competitive and have done well on the missionary side too in which Bronco was superior in doing.

Your PEW poll is a bunch of bologna. What criteria is used to determine “class”? The figures and statistics are manipulated to provide a facade for what is really going on. It isn’t real.

There is nothing wrong with earning more money, but what is the point? Are people who “earn” more using it to bless the lives of others? or their own lives?

Forget it… I’m wasting my time.

Why are Roys posts regarding Bronco leaving and taking coaches with him being closed down?

I don’t understand why the board or moderator closes certain topics and not others…

For all of you clowns who think coaches are all about the teaching of football, etc. please explain why Bronco seems to be decimating the program at a critical juncture… ie. the most difficult anticipated schedule in perhaps the history of BYU football is next season… and it is being given to a brand new coach.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the money and everything to do with the love of the game and the University. He just loved BYU so much.

Jim, Roy did not choose a category for his post before he posted it. If you don’t choose a category (e.g. “football”), the system puts it in “uncategorized” and shuts it down. Stupid system, but that’s life.

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Great to no, new to me. And how do you choose a category? Have to go to the front (so to speak)

I haven’t started a new thread in a while, but you need to click on the drop down list of categories in the top right hand corner of the web page (next to your icon), and select football. At the top of that page there will be a choice for starting a new topic. Too bad that option has to be searched for, but it’s par for this site.

A good deal of the time I replied to others so did not need that part of it. But I understand now, until I don’t again. Thanks.

Lets get smart. What better time to leave a program for a different job. What? You think he would get a better deal next year when they are sub 500. You know people that are directly connected to the program, usually say the pc things, but how they really feel is open for debate. Bronco hasn’t exactly had ringing endorsements from alumni or the media or former players. So maybe he just got tired of all the drama and decided why not take a better paying job with better recruiting opportunities, maybe, and maybe his assistants want to make a few extra bucks. Athletes, coaches are all overpaid, but as long as athletics remain the iconic fixture they are and we keep paying the absurd ticket prices, don’t expect it to change anytime soon, but eventually it will all go down the black hole along with the great American dream. On the other side, Edwards remained till he didn’t want to coach anymore and has a stadium named after him, but I know a lot of coaches that left their “sure thing” for greener pastures and aren’t coaching anymore or not nearly as successful and esteemed as they once were. Just saying-it’s a risk, but I wish him well

It’s not. It’s a valid poll of what is happening. And, who says people that make a lot of money aren’t blessing their lives and others? Also, giving thanks for their much abundance. Job managed to do it :slight_smile:


I do think that I agree with you, Roy, and Jim.
I see nothing wrong with leaving one job for another job of like work, for significantly more pay. I think that is smart.
I commend Bronco for doing this for himself, his wife, his children and all of the extended families. It is a good start for an early retirement. Congratulations.

What i don’t like is all of his rhetoric of the past 11 years, expressing all of his values and the values that all of us should have which none of them included, wealth, prestige, fame, power. Those things must have been around 9,10,11,12 on his list with football somewhere around #5 or lower.

I don’t like him abandoning ship when we facing the toughest season in the history of BYU in 2016.

I don’t like him taking with him virtually all of our Offensive coaches, leaving BYU with nobody to coach offense.
one offensive coach would have been acceptable, even if were the OC. To virtually take the entire Offensive coaching staff is not appreciated by me and we should stop preaching the virtues of this man that has put our team in arms way of a disaster for next season.

I will be angry if he takes Tassom Hill and Jaamal Williams. That will be the straw that breaks the Cougars Back.


You hit the nail on the head.
We have to change our thinking that coaches have to work for nothing and pay a tithing on that nothing that they get.

Yes, $1 million per year is nothing compared to P5 coaches that probably average above $4 million per year.

We can no longer expect to pay a G5 coach pay that will only attract G5 coaches that can never get us into a P5 conference. I think the brethren know and understand this. I think that the brethren know that it will take a P5 caliber
coach to get us into a P5 conference, but they are not willing to pay for it.

Maybe it is time to make a big 2 part division.

Maybe it is time for BYU football fans that will be BYU football fans, no matter what,to be one part
and the rest of the BYU football fans that want BYU to be relevant in a relevant P5 conference to be in the second part.

With this division, perhaps we should join the Big Sky Conference, and become Conference Champions every year, have 12-0 seasons every year, and have a bowl game every season without even trying. This should make the first division very happy.

The second division can find another team to follow like USC, UCLA, Utah, Cal, Stanford, Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State or Colorado. Maybe we might even follow TCU,
Baylor, Boston College, or Notre Dame.

There are definitely two types of football fans. One is only a fan because it is church owned football.

The other is because he/she is serious football that is relevant in the football world and this group wants with all their heart to have BYU be a part of.

If BYU is not willing to pay the price for success, maybe it is time for this second group to stop complaining and follow a different team.

Oh yes, our of curiosity, check in on BYU from time to time to see how they are doing in the Big Sky conference with no aspirations to be anything that takes effort. Keep watching football among the significant teams that pay the price to be significant.

Taysom is done. Williams should be where he can showcase his talent without getting hurt. If Taysom stays with college then he should play where he doesn’t get hurt too. Mangum is the next 3 years.

College football is all about recruiting. Head coaches will hire who they think can get the recruiting job done. The Head coach hires his coaching staff, not the school. What’s going on is nothing new. Bronco could have left BYU high and dry for the bowl. He didn’t. Give him some credit.

It’s a bad system. For me, it’s even easier if you go into the forum where you want to start the thread. Once you’re in that forum and then hit the ‘New Topic’ button, it automatically puts the category as being from the forum you’re in.

That may or may not be the ‘reason’. Bronco said long ago when he became the head coach at BYU that he wasn’t planning on staying for ever.

Here is a more recent article where he talks about that…How long will Mendenhall be head coach for the Cougars? No one knows

I remember it being a bit of a controversy when he mentioned it the first time around the time he started as HC for BYU and mentioned that he wasn’t planning on being here for a long period of time.

Thanks for your help.

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