Michigan Looked Pretty Good Today

So I have two questions. (1) How good is Utah and (2) Can we stop Michigan’s running game? I’d love to beat them worse than Utah did but it looks like they will be a completely different team and I’ll be happy with a 1 point win. Of course the big proviso is that Oregon State is not that great. If we win today things are going to get pretty interesting though.

Utah is solid, and Michigan will be a very difficult game for us to win. Playing there is not easy at all.

I totally agree. I think we match up with them a lot better than some teams though. It will be their offensive line against our defensive line. Anyone know when Tuiloma is due back?

Initial reports were 4-6 weeks so he still has 3-5 week window. Doubtful in time for Michigan.

I’m a little concerned that we are underdogs today at home coming off a great road performance. boise is the cream of the non P5 crop, but I like our chances for the upset.