Mid year report card on BYU football

Not sure what to expect with MSU. But I’m already imagining Miss State make our D look like they are in quicksand and Rypien from BSU throwing for, oh, about 700 yards against us after watching the total demolition of our secondary the past three games.

Here is our pass “defense” the last three games:
Opponents 87/118 for 1144 yards.
That is a 74% completion rate.
That is 9.7 yards per ATTEMPT.
That means that in the last three games, our opponents have dropped back to pass one HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN TIMES and AVERAGED ten yards every time they drop back.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a BYU pass defense shredded like this. Ever since UCLA abandoned the run in the second half (I think about 200 of Rosen’s 307 were in the 2nd half), word is out that 1) we have ZERO pass rush, and 2) we can’t guard anyone. Nacua saved the game with a timely pick, but bottom line is that our pass D is simply atrocious.

Hill made some great throws. But his best throws are still when he throws the ball into Jamaal’s gut 30 times per game.
Anyone else notice that the ref who blew the totally obvious illegal touching on Toledo’s 4th and 5 conversion gave us a TOTAL GIFT fantasy facemask make up call on the ensuing drive?

While it wasn’t a face mask, it was a horse collar. Same 15 yard result.