Midterm Elections

Grab some popcorn, your favorite beverage and sit down in your favorite chair, prop up your feet and turn on CNN after 5 pm. I did that when Trump won, even before that, at the Obama midterms. If is so fun to watch the look in their smug faces when reality hits.

We’ll see if near midnight the counting suddenly stops for a bit and then restarts and democrats miraculously emerge victorious.

Daily commercials for 2 Months Drives me crazy “ I approve this message.” Yeah whatever


I watch CNN/MSMBC once every two-four years. Tonight, must see TV. Do they have a name for my condition? hahahahahahaha

It is supposed to be a red wave. I wish I knew that for a fact. I think the Republicans will take the house for sure. Too many key senate races are within the margin of error according to polls and after the last election I have a lot of anxiety over some real close key races in Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania. I am afraid of fraud in these states. Just enough fraud for the Dems to pull a rabbitt out of the hat and hold serve in the senate. I can’t ever remember a Republican winning a recount in a close election in which they were a wisker behind. I remember several Democrats winning elections where they were behind when the final count was in and then won by a wisker in recounts where lost votes mysteriously appeared. Al Franken’s election comes to mind. The Dems found a whole box of votes in the trunk of a car that were almost entirely in Franken’s favor and put him over the line by a few hundred votes.

I remember 2000 when Bush won Florida by about 8000 votes after a machine recount and then the Dems got their way and there was a 2nd recount by hand. By the time the hand recount was over Bush ended up winning by a few hundred votes and would have lost if the Supreme Court hadn’t stepped in and stopped the counting. The recounts were in heavily Democratic precincts where most of the people doing the recount were Democrats and every hanging chad seemed to go in their favor. I just hope there is enough of a margin in some of these key states that mail in vote shenanigans won’t make any difference.

A candidate like Fetterman should never get within a light year of being in the Senate and yet he has just a little less than 50% odds per the latest five/thirty eights predications. That is absurd, and Oprah Winfrey endorsed him, which should tell you all you need to know about Oprah. Every so many years her name is floated out in a trial baloon as the Democratic nominee. Heaven help us if she is ever elected.

Kari Lake’s opponent won’t come out her basement and yet she is within the margin of error in most polls. You just have to scratch your head about some of this.

I am hopeful and somewhat confident, but still nervous based on the last presidential election and the Georgia senate election in January 2021 where the dems elected two senators in a red state in runoffs by razor thin margins.

Here in Texas I have no fears. They have sensible voting laws that minimize election theft and Abbott should be re-elected governor easily. I have no worries about Florida either. Nevada, Pa., Georgia, and even Wisconsin to so some degree worry me due to the fact that the races appear close and what happened in those states in the last election and those states will probably decide who controls the Senate. In most other races it appears the party in office will keep their seats according to polls. In Georgia it would be a flip for the Republicans. I have no idea who will win that one. In Pa. it would be a flip for Democrats because Toomay was an R and retired. I have no idea how that one turns out either. In Nevada if the Rs win they pick up a seat. I think they will win but it is too close to know for sure. In Wisconsin if the Ds win they pick up a seat. It appears the Rs hold serve there but polls I believe are still within the margin of error. What it amounts to is the Rs have to win 3 of those four to take the senate. They have an outside shot at New Hampshire and Washington but those would appear to be longshots. I see some forecasters saying the Rs will end up with 54 senate seats. I don’t see how, but hope they are correct. We have to hope that D turnout is about average for them for midterms. I think both parties will get a heavy turnout.

Looking really dicey for Republicans taking the Senate. The house is also in question. Republicans projected to win 176 house seats so far and Democrats 140, but most of the west coast results not in yet. It is scary. The big red wave may not be happening. Typically in the past polls have overstated Democrat strength. This year they may have overstated Republican strength.

No the red wave did not happen. The House will go red but the Senate, still a tossup.

Reality: Incumbents did not lose. on either side. Really is sad because, as I sit, we will see more of the same for the next 2 years and if that is the case, Biden has no chance.

Reality. Trump candidates did not fair well…so Trump is most likely done (oh, he will muck things up plenty for the next 2 years) but DeSantis is the heir apparent.

The picture will be much clearer after we see what the West coast ends up doing.

I’m hoping Trump won’t run now. But, he’s making his announcement November 15th. I think he cost votes in the Senate. Oz was a bad candidate. I’m hoping the House goes Red but the Senate in control of a Democrats could do a lot of damage.
I just can’t believe Democrats love inflation, high gas prices and crime. Sad but the signs of the times.

I thank Trump for appointing good judges and for his policies on foreign affairs and the economy. He lost the last election, whether by hook or crook, and I don’t see any way he wins another one and all he can do is set back the Republican Party 20 years by his ego and meddling. He needs to step aside and let DeSantis take over. DeSantis will have the same political positions as Trump but he won’t have the baggage. He is excellent. If he can’t beat any loser the Democrats run against him then the country is finished. Trump will be nearly 80 years old when he runs again. He needs to call it a day.

He not only backed Oz who lost. He also backed Walker who had all kinds of baggage. Given an average candidate in Georgia, without the scandals that Walker has Georgia would have flipped. It looks like a runoff now and we all know what happened in the last one. Walker will still have his scandals.

I am actually furious about Pa. being lost… Fetterman is literally the most inept man ever elected to the senate. I don’t know what it says about people in that state that they would elect that man.

could not have said it better.

Oz would of won if the debate was 3 weeks earlier. 700,000 votes were cast by mail before the debate.
I don’t think that we see the last of Oz. have liked him for years.

Walker and Warnock will end up in a runoff. Libertarian votes tend to lean Republican. While I don’t think Walker is a good candidate, He could just be the senator that tips the senate.

I’m not sure if any of those 700,000 would change their slanted minds. I believe we have way too many people now with reprobate minds and will never change.

Well the reporting I am seeing now is that a lot of Republicans are furious with Trump who back Oz and Walker, while better candidates who ran against those two lost because of Trump, which in turn, we lose two senate seats.

DeSantos needs to come out early, maybe to help bolster votes, he could run with Niki Haley.

I am seriously disappointed with Americans, Inflation is killing us, higher gas prices, food etc, and yet they still vote for people who caused this mess,… Makes no sense to me.

We are “up a creek without a paddle”, I would use stronger language, but you know… Moderators won’t like it.

How in the world can people from all parties complain about the high inflation rate, food and gas prices and out of hand crime, then turn around and vote for the same idiots that caused these problems?

It makes absolutely no sense at all. What are people thinking?

Granted, I understand that Trump is a narcist and really grates on people with his constant childish behavior. But his policies worked! Lower gas prices, low inflation, unemployment at an all-time low.

I wish Trump would just fade to the background and go golfing. In my opinion, he cost us this Senate by backing the “Proven Quack” Doctor Oz and the baggage ridden Walker. As well as Kari Lake and Masters in Arizona.

The Republican party needs to move on past Trump, do not give him any time nor ask for his help campaigning.

Maybe the Second Coming will be here soon to put me out of my misery.

Watching Fox News…

Former House member for Utah Jason Chafetz just laid the lumber on the GOP.

His comment, how can you not win when you have an unpopular President/Vice President the important issues are on your side?

His basic bottom line is the GOP focused too much on their base and not the messaging to the independents. Faulker said one of the pollsters mention during focus groups through the election cycle, people kept saying “They complain a lot, but they did not give solutions for the election”.

Chafetz mentioned that Florida GOP candidates did just that, they gave solutions to the problem and the voters (for the first time) flipped many blue counties to red.

I think Chaffetz is correct. I listen to Ben Shapiro a lot and he seemed to think that the Democrats were so bad that all the Republicans had to do was get out of their way and let them lose. He was all but guaranteeing a huge red tsunami. It didn’t work. They needed to point out the gross failures of the Democrats and then draw a contrast with clearly stated solutions. Also Trump killed them as stated before. You can look no further than Georgia. The governor, who distanced himself from Trump won easily. Most of the house seats in Georgia went red. If Trump had stayed out of the way and not backed Walker then we wouldn’t be looking at a runoff at best.

The polls were off as well, just like they were in 2016 when they predicted a big Hillary win. I think in the age of the cellphone polls are not as dependable anymore.

The question is who are the base of the Republican Party? Independents? Strange but maybe true. The Republican Party has become the party with the big net especially for the working class. I find it strange that Pennsylvania land is mostly Red. Yet, Philadelphia doesn’t care about their fellow state citizens working in coal mines and oil fields by electing a Democrat, especially Fedderman.

A member of our ward who passed away 5 years ago used to say in political conversations with me that we as a nation have been around too long and so many people that as a nation we are going crazy. I used to say he was wrong but now I think he’s more right than wrong. In fact, are more people becoming so desensitized from wrong that more people are more sociopathic and psychopathic than we realize? People don’t care if they are broke, can’t fill their tanks, running up credit cards, losing their homes and so on? They are buying into the idea that abortion does help with money problems? And, Democrats want all this to tear down the Constitution and the Country. Then rebuild it into a Marxist or Fascist country?

Is the end near?

When they talk about the “base” of the Republicans they are talking about Registered Republicans who are active in the party.

Just like the Democrats, the GOP has factions within it, there are the “Trumpers”’ (for a lack of a better term), you have the “Tea Party” type group (fiscal conservatives like Rand Paul) and then you have the “moderates”. All these groups are part of the “base”.

I personally don’t think that you can’t say that about any group. Most cities worry about what affects them, not their neighboring cities. Inner Cities is where a lot of social services are done… Think about that for a minute.

The simple reason Fetterman won was because he ran against Dr. Oz a very weak GOP candidate that could not related to people in Pennsylvanian’s. Fetterman was very effective portraying Oz as an outsider (from New Jersey) and wealthy.

I had a discussion last week with a friend who is Libertarian type thinking about the current state of Politics.

His base comment is that in order to have a “true” democratic republic we need both sides of the isle (Democrat and Republican) to be in Congress. The strength of the Democratic Republic is that it requires both parties to bring their views then working together to come up with the best solution.

His premise is that as long as both sides demonize the other group, our democracy is in trouble. Interesting point of view, not sure I agree with all of his points, but it does make sense.

One last point: Last night’s election results reaffirmed my long-held belief yet again, “You just can’t fix Stupid!”.

I didn’t think the theme of “MAGA Rebublicans are declaring war on democracy” would resonate with voters because it sounds so outlandish, one because not all republicans are MAGA rebublicans and, two, the words “declaring war on democracy” are so hyperbolic and divisive.

But evidently, many people fear that Donald Trump continues to have a larger sway over Republican policies than he actually does (I’m not saying that he doesn’t have a larger influence.).

bam, boom, done!

That would be my dream team.

After hearing Oz call Fetterman to concede, I’m even a bigger fan.

“This morning I called John Fetterman and congratulated him. I wish him and his family all the best, both personally and as our next United States Senator,” Oz wrote in a statement. “Campaigning throughout our great Commonwealth was the honor of a lifetime, and I will cherish the memories and the people I met. Pennsylvanians showed up with passion and a vision for a bright future that I found inspiring every day. I want to thank my supporters, so many of whom worked tirelessly to spread our message and support me and my family.”

“We are facing big problems as a country and we need everyone to put down their partisan swords and focus on getting the job done. With bold leadership that brings people together, we can create real change. As a Doctor, I always do my best to help others heal. That’s why I ran for Senate. I hope we begin the healing process as a nation soon,” he added.

Going forward, every candidate who works to Unite America will win.

Trump is done. DeSantis is Trump 2.0 without all the drama and loyal to his friends. As Reed points out, loved his accomplishments but hated the division and the endless drama.

While Florida shows us the pattern to win, the Dems will also lick their wounds and focus more on energy and inflation, but their 2024 future is very muddy while Repubs future is crystal clear.

I have to admit, I was WAY OFF. Thought that the silent majority of common sense Rs and Moderates would create a red wave. Now all we can do is clog the Biden policies with a majority Congress and win 2024.

I think it is safe to say that most of us voted Trump as a lesser than two evils when faced with Hillary. Clintons are true evil, endemic of the DC ilk that enrich themselves through the office. After the riot at the White House, about everyone I know said, NEVER AGAIN, Trump is Done. If Biden contunues to sing the song of Maga Fascists, he will also do damage for Dems in the future in the same manner that Trump left us all with a bitter taste in our mouths.

Now is the time to mend fences, work together to get oil pumping again, be less dependent on China, help the poor by lowering inflation. build the dam wall etc.