Milne declares for the NFL

Tonga, Christensen and Milne all have officially declared. Not Wilson, yet.

I am surprised that Milne would declare. He is plenty good but I only considered him marginal NFL material. Maybe he will be another Austin Collie.

I imagine he’s thinking his stock wouldn’t go any higher next year with a different, and less skilled, quarterback, and possibly it would go down.

Anyone know if Bushman is coming back next year after the injury this year–or is he declaring for the draft, too?

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The only 3 to declare so far are Christensen, Tonga and Milne. He’s going because he won’t have another 1,000 yard season next year.

I don’t know yet about Bushman. I was very high on Milne this year as an NFL prospect. You may recall early in the year he outran DBs from Troy and Houston in the open field. I was impressed because those would all be 4.5 guys. Milne’s hands are flat out amazing, and he seems to be open no matter who is guarding him. If he really does have 4.5 speed I think he will make a roster at least as a practice squad guy. The NFL minimum next year is about $600k, and even a practice squad guy makes $9,200 per WEEK for up to 17 weeks. That’s $156k for 4 months–I think ANY of these guys who can go get at least that are CRAZY not to! Romney and Pauu will benefit next year, as will Epps, who is a star in the making but was stuck behind Milne. Good for Milne–I think ANY guy who can get paid SHOULD enter the draft. Plus, with Covid restrictions, college–INCLUDING AND MAYBE PARTICULARLY BYU–SUCKS right now. The experience is void of almost everything we thought was fun about BYU.

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The only person you should be loyal to is yourself as a college athlete. GO GET PAID!

You are one hit away from being out of the game forever. Milne will excel in the NFL, if not as a sizzling fast Wide Out then as a slot player. With his hands and ability to get open, we will see him on sundays. ether the Saints or Chiefs, I don’t care.

His stock won’t get any higher with Wilson leaving. The new QB would never be able to get him the ball as often as Wilson. How about the Saints get both Wilson and Milne…pure awesomeness.

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John, I just read on 247Sports that Bushman is gone. It did not elaborate. With Rex and Tuipulotu, and Dalin Holker coming back from his mission, BYU looks pretty solid at TE.
Happy new year and when I say that, I also hope that no person has to deal with another year like 2020 ever again.

You can buy anything in this world with money. Go get it. Fame and fortune. You know, maybe some athletes used to play for the love of the game. Now, for the love of money.