Miss State U butt kicking

Last meeting • Mississippi State 79, BYU 74 (Dec. 2, 1995)
About the Bulldogs • Coach Ben Howland is 66-46 in his fourth season in Starkville. … Their only loss was a 72-67 setback to Arizona State at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Nov. 19. … They have won eight straight games, but struggled with Wright State on Dec. 22 before pulling out a 67-63 win in Jackson, Miss. … They are averaging 78.3 points per game and allowing just 65.5 points. … Quinndary Weatherspoon leads them in scoring with a 16.4 average and Aric Holman leads them in rebounding with an 8.7 average.
About the Cougars • This is their final non-conference game before West Coast Conference play begins Thursday at Pacific. … Junior G TJ Haws is averaging 21.0 points and 5.4 assists over the last five games, while shooting 59.3 percent from the field and 50 percent from 3-point range. … Senior F Luke Worthington scored a season-high 11 points and grabbed five rebounds in last Saturday’s 90-81 loss at San Diego State. … Junior F Yoeli Childs is second in the WCC in scoring with a 22.1 average and first in rebounding with a 10.6 average.

MS was already at their average with 12 minutes left in the game. Coach Rose, " Just shoot more", keep em under a 100. No defense, no accountability

Emery, 4 fouls and 0 points

Haws over whelmed by bigger, faster, stronger guards.

I could coach this team better with my eyes closed.

Emery fouled out with zero points, zero rebounds, zero assists. ZERO

Yo has 2 rebounds, where’s the help…oh yeah, up in Eugene Oregon.

Getting beat by 35 now, Rose has lost this team.

I’ve said it before: The biggest problem is that Rose has not lost his JC mentality: poor development, poor defense, run and hope you score more points.

You think TJ saw what he was or is missing? Bigger, Faster, Stronger Guards of MSU. I can see TJ is not bigger but somewhat faster but no where near STRONGER. He’s need to bulk up but he won’t go there at the weight room or not put in enough.

I am getting tired of reading newspapers about “NCAA Tournament or the Big Dance,” BYU IS NOT GOING THERE but maybe NIT.
BYU is not a Big, Fast, Strong team PERIOD!

Nothing really new to say…

Most of us have been saying the same thing since the beginning of the season but I will say it again. The team misses Dastrup, they shouldn’t have chased him off. Luke still stinks, not a D-1 player (like many others on this team). Emery has hurt the team more than helped it, etc.

Honestly, the way players are developed and encouraged for the future, what is there to look forward to? This is a pattern that has been established over the last several years and it shown no signs of changing.

There are a couple players outside of Udaho (foreign guys) that are being recruited but BYU is really nothing more than a great high school team at this point. Unfortunately that is what the fans in utah valley have become content with.

BYU should probably just schedule Weber, Dixie, UVU, Logan and the cruddy utes and play for a state championship at this point.

Luke had another decent game. What are you talking about? Emery contributed nothing and neither did Cannon with 13 minutes of playing time. Sejlass has another decent game and should have played more minutes. Haws is hot and cold. Seems to be cold when he plays away games.
Childs last game was poor. But, against a tough team today he was 11-18. His only downfall is too many turnovers.
We shot a lot of free throws and made a good percentage. Once again, 3 point shooting stunk and Haws misses hurt.

Time to start over. When Childs leaves BYU is really short on inside players. Programs needs to be reborn and it will take a few years. See ya Dave

Lazy recruiting…

Stale coaching philosophy…

Looking for the next Jimmer…

This team is a train wreck…

The question that has to be answered is whether or not Holmoe will eat the contract extension and have Rose resign? It should be far easier to recruit and build a bb team that just needs 10 guys to compete and be a quality team … than a fb team … with 85 players. Rose is a nice guy but he will never be able to turn around this program. We can’t afford to allow his philosophy to run the entire program into the ground. He has to go. I would turn over the team to Quincy Lewis and let him finish the season.

I like to know what happened Joe Girard from Glen Falls, NY - Jimmer home town. I believe BYU did recuit him but he picked Syracuse and had several big schools back east (including Duke). Fish would know what happened to him. He was suppose to be better shooter and all around player. Fish made a big deal about this kid. Any idea or just lazy recruiting?

BYU will only get good non LDS kids to come play for their teams IF the program is already playing at a very high level. The risk right now is that very good non-LDS players will not come to play for Rose and the program is reeling so badly that Really good LDS kids may not come either. Thank heavens that Utah and Utah St aren’t great right now which … could stave off total disaster for BYU.

I was at Dixie when Rose was coaching. Cool guy, he was the teacher of my softball class. At Dixie, he got a lot of the Las Vegas and SoCal kids who were academically ineligible for the big schools. Keon Clark was one of them. He had some great offensive teams, but they were still an average club when it came to wins/losses. What I can’t understand is why the free throw shooting isn’t better. Since our team is a bunch of white boys (mostly), we can’t be missing out on the easy points.

BYU is NOT going to the NIT are any other playoff with a N in it. Period.
BYU will lose more games in the WCC this year then any past year. They are a mess.

Point guard is OK
Power forward is Great
Shooting guard C- at best
Weakside forward and Center, F-.

BYU will finish closer to 50/50 then a winning record, that is just how bad things are.
Childs bolts for the Pros and hopefully, BYU gets Rose to retire and we start rebuilding.

It’s hard to consistently win when a team generally plays with two or three players. Childs, Haws, and #0 and once in a while somebody else.

How about Payton Dastrup? Oops, Dave Rose told him bye bye. And who is the next guy will follow - just drives me nuts.

As I recall, Girard was always a long shot to sign with BYU. He’s a non-LDS kid from New York who wanted to play close to home.

I pretty much knew that he was not lds but I was cuious if Dave Rose and his staff ever kept on after him. There could be other reason like he wanted to be close to home. And other reason he may not fit several other reason like the HC and Academic Entry. Girard is better off where he will be at because things are not going well at Dave Rose system.

Agreed on all points. Watching MSU just completely physically overwhelm us should have been instructive for Tom Holmoe. I mean, that wasn’t even a game. It was like the Nevada game all over again. We simply can’t compete physically or athletically. So, when we make a bunch of shots we will beat average to good teams. But when our shooting is bad–as it has mostly been now for 1 1/2 years–we will get beat by those same average to good teams. Add in 3 sure losses (Zags x2 plus WCC tourney), and we would be really fortunate to finish with 12 or 13 losses. 12 losses would MAYBE make us an NIT bubble team. Even typing that last sentence makes me embarrassed to know how to type.