Missouri state, the good the bad and the ugly

It is very interesting that Knell started over Johnson?

BYU only got 6 assists the entire game, can’t remember a lower assist # game.

We rode our rock solid guards Barcello, Lucas and Johnson to the win.

BYU guarded the 3 very well against a team the shoots 3s 50% of all their shots.

BYU did a great job at slowing down Prim
Looks like we are going to win or sink with Lohner now that all our veteran centers are out.

This game could easily have been a loss with all the flu going around. This is a great win.

I’m glad I was wrong about Missouri State—great play by our guards and a solid win.
If you or I or most anyone else were coaching that team the big man would have scored 35, Lohner and Tralee would have fouled out and BYU would have lost. BYU HAD NO ANSWER for him in the second half. I have no idea what they were doing using him as a high post screener the entire first half. We won because of good BYU guard play, two key very tough rebounds by Lohner in crunch time (one on each end), and TERRIBLE coaching for MizzSt.