More bad throws and decisions

Why did Mangum throw to the endzone when Carter was open down the sideline?
I don’t like where this game is going

I asked the same question… and it all goes back to the first two games. Those hail mary throws were pretty exciting at the time but they seem to have set a precedent. Now Mangum thinks he can do it every time, the broken play bomb to the endzone.

The result is a momentum shift and a UCONN touchdown. Nice work Cougars… way to make the Huskies believe they can win the game. It will be interesting to see what kind of halftime adjustments the offensive coordinator makes… LOL.

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Embarrasing. I know we have a weak running back core. And with the ejection UCONN has momentum.
We can move the ball but we can’t score and I don’t think it’s the play calling.

What a sucky first half. BYU has five chances to score and gets seven points. The targeting call on Taktaki sucked. The UCONN defense is getting away with murder, several out of bounds tackles, no calls.Lots of holding and bashing of BYU offensive players. But to tell the truth BYU should not ever consider trying to get into a P-5 conference. With the Honor Code and the way the game has changed in the last twenty years, BYU will never compete in a P-5 conference. We are too clean to compete regularly in a P-5 conference. Even if we get into a P-5 conference, BYU will not be able to recruit the depth like a Michigan or Alabama. I now believe that the P-5 dream is just that, a P-5 dream for BYU. If BYU wants to play in a competitive conference outside of the MWC, then we should seek entry into the American Athletic Conference. Our academics matches most of the schools in the AAC, like Houston, SMU, UCONN, Navy, Cincinnati and others. Lets settle for a conference where we can compete for titles almost every year and have a shot at the New Years six bowls.Can we really compete with the schools like USC, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Bama, Texas A and M, Ohio State, etc., etc. on a consistent basis?

Let’s first figure out how to win this game…

When you run up the middle 3 straight times and then try to throw a desperate out pattern on 4th and 1… and the other team knows exactly what you are doing, you give a weak opponent hope. I’m sorry, but it is the play calling… constantly putting your team in a position to fail and being predictably ultra conservative ALL the time it is too easy for the other team to game plan for you.

The only way BYU wins this game is because UCONN will eventually wear down and get tired in the 4th quarter.

You make a good point Bruce.

The targeting call was weak but Taki wasn’t thinking straight, so it wasn’t a surprise. I was more disappointed in the unsportsmanlike call because of late blocking on the long run. That was worse… and it seems like the officials are doing their best to be mediocre and affect the game.

Nice to see a break by the officials