Most needed change in recruiting

We have been told for over a decade that the number of stars after an athletes name means nothing to the coaching staff.
We have been told for over a decade that 4-5 star players need to be grateful to come to BYU and not the other way around.
We 'have been told for over a decade that football really is not all that important.

We need to let the young athletes through out the Nation know that the old coaching staff is out and the new coaching staff is in and we know for a fact, just how important those 4-5 stars attached to a players name really are.

We need to let every athlete know that we are grateful to get them. We need them. We need to have them if we are to survive against the P5 schools that have many of them on each team.

We need to let all athletes through out the nation know that football is indeed very important to us and that we take it seriously and that we want to compete with the best and get as many of our athletes in the NFL as possible.

I’m not sure how restrictive the NCCA rules for recruiting really are.

As far as it is legal, but not beyond that point, we need to make an effort in every Ward through out the nation; every Stake Center, through out the Nation; Every Region, through out the Nation, and in every state in the nation, that if you are a 4-5 star player, we need you to help us compete vs those that have an abundance of 4-5 star players.

We need to think outside the box because for far too long, the thinking inside the box has been far too restrictive and non productive when it comes to playing anyone above the G5 group.

RU: Quite a mystical post about getting 4 and 5 star football players when BYU is a mid-major trying to get players over three stars. Is there really enough P-5 type football players within the Church to bring BYU up to even steven with other P-5 teams? That is a big big question. I believe that Kalani is a great recruiter and very popular with poly players who tend to be at the higher levels of quality. But is the LDS supply of P-5 players enough to move BYU up into P-5? I don’t see us approaching LSU and other SEC talent levels any time soon. The honor code is a big issue involving P-5 players outside the church for sure.We shall see by 2018 or 2019.

The problem is Kalani. We dont need anymore poly’s on the team. Poly’s are good interior line players and that is it. Unfortunately for BYU 70% of the players starting are poly. Poly’s are good size but lack athletic ability or speed. That is why we cant compete with the power 5 schools. Let me ask everyone this, how many pol’s do you see starting in the sec, big 10 or acc. If they are such great football players how come those conferences dont recruit them. Are recruiting philosophy is horrible.


I totally agree with all that you just posted. A brief reminder of Ben Olson and (mental block), but the last 5 star QB that we had that didn’t make it with us. We got these two 5 star QB’s without a real plan to do so. I can only imagine how many more we could get with the plan that I outlined above.

I totally agree and I totally appreciate Kalani Sataki’s recruiting among the Polonisians and others. Imagine how much better he could do with the organized plan that I have outlined.

LDS are not the only recruits that we go after. We go after any 4-5 star recruit that could handle our Honor Code, to be determined before signing.

The more 4-5 star recruits that we have, the lesser the risk for those other 4-5 star players to commit to us.

We have had several, not a lot, but several 4 star players—Warner being the most recent.

I agree that it will not be easy, but when we go basically from the end of the 1980’s to present in decline, doing what we
have always done in the past that doesn’t work, I think that it is time to try to do something different that might work.

I am very happy with each and everyone of our current coaching staff. They are indeed a blessing and perhaps they may be capable of bringing us to the next level.

The last few years, we have been, and I hope that we will continue to schedule the strongest schedules for half of our season, that we have ever done in the past. In the past, we could do well with 1,2 and 3 star players. If we are serious about continuing in the future with what we started a few years ago, playing like we are among the big boys, than we need to find a way to get those 4-5 players that will keep us competative.

We have had a lot of great Polynesian athletes over the years, not just linemen. Vai Sikahema, Reno Mahe, Harvey Unga, Peter Tuipolotu, Micah Matzusaki, Aaron Francisco, Kai Nacua, etc. Just to name a few athletes in skill positions off the top of my head. Many more could be named.

Having an internal affirmative action quota that tries to reduce Polynesian athletes is not a good idea. We will gladly take the best athletes we can get, whoever they are.

Pac 12 is full of Polys, as is the SEC, Big 10, ACC and the NFL. next question

My bad there were so many on lsu I must have just missed them .