Musings of a twisted mind

Call it being bored before the game Friday.

1-Why is it that BYU is soo vanilla on pass rushing? We have 340 lb Tonga who can bull rush anyone and yet all we do is push up the middle. Can you imagine for a moment thet guy stunting and getting a full head of stream on a tackle or some poor running back blocking on a pass play.

2-Takitaki used to live in the backfield as a DE. Now we rarely see him chasing QBs. Use him, Tuiaki!

3-This one really kills me…why don’t we see more of El-Bakri? Used him pretty good in the Az game and then, head scratcher, Cal game? I counted 4 times when we were 3rd and 2 yds, Canada is by himself or Hoge (don’t get me started on that 3 straight times ughhhhh) when Canada behind Bakri just can’t be stopped. If anything, use him as a decoy? or block and easy catch out in the flat or past the LBers. He has soft hands.

4-BYU wins if we take the 3 points on the 1st possession and in the 4th quarter. Sitake, are you listening?

5-Simon, where are you? You veteran speed demon, we need you to catch more balls, please.

Thses just some grips, I’m sure there are many more. Arm Chair quarterbacking? I’m guilty as charged. BTW, how many of you saw the GB Packers game last week. Arron Rogers just cemented his HOF induction with that come back in the 2nd half.

I like the unpredictable Mendenhall way better on defense. Now it’s 3 or 4 man rush and drop 7. They need to get aggressive imho. At least make the qb pay attention

Its a miracle, Looks like Shitake (you can thank the ESPN crew for that one) had an epiphany. Taki taki was everywhere.

Southum hits the game winner.

Lol always amusing ESPN-wtg to the freshmam

You can bet that Grimes gave the river boat gambler an earful after the Cal game. That the 3 points and win the game