MWC was dismal this week

This week in non-conference games, the MWC was 0-10. Only three of those games were decided by less than 2 touchdowns. Boise State’s loss to BYU, Utah State’s loss to Utah and Colorado State’s OT loss to Minnesota were the close ones. An example of the not-so-close games was Fresno State losing to Ole Miss 73-21

I know the Jerry Palm still has Boise State taking the G-5 spot in the NY-6 bowl. But I have looked at the computer rankings today. If Memphis the American and Boise State wins the MWC, then Memphis would get that spot over Boise State. Sagarin has Memphis ranked at 31 and BSU ranked at 41. Boise may win the MW this year, but the conference isn’t supporting their bid for another Fiesta Bowl.

This year, BYU has a better shot at a NY-6 bowl as an independent then as a member of the MWC.

Byu would be the front runner and lock for a NY6 bowl game if we were in the MWC today. Dang, hope we don’t look back with regret again about missing out on a great opportunity.

Boise State is being hampered by their Strength of Schedule because the rest of their conference is not performing. That is why Memphis is now the front-runner for that bowl bid. Whether or not BYU would be a lock to a NY6 bowl if they were in the MWC would be a mystery right now.

Haha, they were in the top 20 before we beat them. All they have to do now is finish as the MWC champ and they still have a better shot at a NY6 bowl than we do if we only lose 2 games. The top ranked non P5 gets an auto bid, Indy doesn’t get anything auto.

There is more to consider than the voter polls. The Computers are part of the puzzle. The AAC is ranked higher than the MWC in the computers and Memphis is ranked higher than Boise by the computers. Memphis just hasn’t yet had the opportunity to impress voters, but that is coming. And you are also assuming that BSU will win out, they have three difficult road games left…Virginia, Colorado State and Utah State. It’s simply not a given that Boise State is going to waltz into the Fiesta Bowl.

It is also not a given that BYU, if they had remained in the MW that they would just win out either, but their schedule this year is about 33% more difficult than it would be had they remained in the conference.

Wait, I thought everyone said the MWC stinks?