My new favorite BYU fan

and I am confident about it.

How about the little girl that was making that shrill, scream every time St. Mary’s shot a free throw. I know it was the same little girl that started yelling B-Y-U every time the St. Mary’s student section would chant S-M-C and I am absolutely sure it was the same little girl that got in front of those same St. Mary’s students during the announcers halftime discussion and was cheering BYU the entire night.

That gal had spunk, enthusiasm and energy and she wasn’t afraid to go toe to toe with the entire St. Mary’s crowd if necessary to show her loyalty and support for the Cougars.

That was great!

that girl was a highlight. Folks were texting me about her.

Actually, that was worse than the turnovers and the loss. It got really annoying after say, the 1st time.

Disagree. I loved the passion and the “chutzpah” (that’s for you). How can you be annoyed at a youngster who obviously loves everything about BYU and will stop at nothing to show it.

If I had a daughter, she’s the one I would want! :slight_smile:

Sorry, but nothing made the game harder to watch than that screech for 2 hours!!! It’s like a screaming child in Sacrament meeting and the parent won’t remove the child and settle the child down…

I wonder if she is available for the volleyball match at Santa Barbara Friday?

Years ago we went as a family to the BYU/Alabama football game played in Tuscaloosa. We were with another family all dressed in our BYU blue, but sitting smack dab in the middle of a sea of Alabama fans all dressed in red. The atmosphere was great.

Towards the middle of the game, BYU was behind but hanging in there. The Alabama fans were really into it (some a bit intoxicated) and would all cheer, “Go Bama”! This went on for some time. All of a sudden my daughter, age 14, had heard enough. After one of the “Go Bama” chants, she jumps up and yells at the top of her lungs, “Go BYU”! Dad and Mom, shocked, looked at her and gave her a “hush” look. She jumps up and does it again. The Bama crowd immediately around us went silent for a moment. I thought we were dead meat. Then, a big burley man sitting behind her laughed and put his arm around her and said, “OK, Go BYU…not really”. He and my daughter laughed and cheered together the rest of the game.

It was a memorable event. To this day we laugh about it. I am proud that she showed more fandom that day than her old man. BYU lost that day but we gained some good Alabama friends.

I only listen to the game BYU vs smc and that young lady was something which we should be proud to have her. Yes, it is annoying to hear young kids crying at Sacrament every Sunday but I found if you use Comtec (each ward provide one) using your loop to your hearing aides or ear piece then those crying stuff are GONE which is really nice. I hope that kid come back again next year at that place.

and Bama never did come fulfill their return trip to Utah…Great story Nurnst and thanks for sharing.