National Champions Ohio State

Well, I think we saw that Ohio State belonged in the top 4. The one that should not have been there was Florida State. TCU was a better team. Ohio State will be tough for years to come. Myers is a great coach. Everywhere he’s been he builds powerhouse programs.

I am not sure Ohio State should have been in the Championship game, if it was not for politics, Ohio State would never have leaped frog both Baylor and TCU.

Meyers is a great motivator, but coach??? not sure. Because I have yet to see Urban coach a team full of his recruits. He moves from school to school every 2-4 years… He wins on the foundations other coaches have built (Utah is an example where Coach Mac built the foundation of a team that both Meyers and Whitt enjoyed).

I dislike Meyer A LOT…

He is a fantastic coach, no doubt about it. May end up as the best of all time. He already is on the short list of greatest college coaches in the last 40 years. Can’t ignore what he has done at multiple stops along the way while always having his team’s ready for the big stage. 3rd string QB, and wins it all, and some programs can’t beat low level teams with a 2nd string QB.

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hmmm… wonder what “program” you might be referring to. I agree that Meyer is a great coach. Not sure why Floyd doesn’t like him, but I will say that I’ll bet he is doing some monkey business somewhere… I don’t think it is possible to run a successful program that is clean too, at least not in the day and age we live in.

If Ohio State wasn’t such a huge money generator for the ncaa, I believe they could investigate them and find multiple problems with the program. Instead they will go after lesser programs and scapegoat them. In fact, I’d venture to guess that every one of the top 4 teams this season is doing something they shouldn’t or getting away with something. The hype for that NC game last night was superbowlesque… it’s all about the money.

Even though this Oregonian was disappointed with the outcome, I couldn’t help but admire the OSU QB going all Taysom Hill on 3 or 4 runs and simply running 230+ guys over. But the QB and RB get all the glory, just like always. In my mind the Co-MVP should have gone to the OSU left guard and TE/HBack #5, both of whom spent all night making the Ducks’ DLinemen and ILBs look just stupid. It seemed like on every down those two just blew guys up. I know it’s a cliché, but that game really was won at the point of attack.

Also, it’s great to watch a game between good teams and have good refs who stay out of the way instead of being glory hogs. The crew was outstanding.


Agree with much of what you said. I thought the officiating crew was good though I was a little disappointed in their decisions on pass interference a couple of times. They caught a couple against Oregon and missed a few against OSU. Also, it’s hard to believe there wasn’t a hold or two on OSU during the game.

Other than that they were fine.

Not sure how I feel about the whole playoff thing. I miss the traditional conference bowl game matchups of yesteryear. I know why they are doing it, because it makes money, but I prefer the old school way.

Myer is the best coach in college football by a fair margin. To win the entire thing with your 3rd string QB speaks to his recruiting ability as well as his ability to call plays to fit a new QB.


Seriously. 2 time all conference QB gets hurt; backup comes in and breaks all HIS records and is all conference; 3rd string guy comes in and wins NC…geesh…

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Chris… You do realize that he had nothing to do with the recruiting right? This is his second year at Ohio State…

That goes back to my original post… he is a great motivator, he wins on the talent that a previous coach recruited. But have you ever seen him stay long enough to coach the kids he actually recruited?

Look at the record of schools after he left and they were “His recruits”? Just wondering…

Jim I dislike Meyers because of the things he did at Utah to motivate the players to beat BYU…

You remember putting the decals of the Y in the urinals and toilets…
Never respecting BYU by calling them by name…
Telling Utah AD and fans he was staying then two weeks later left…
I dislike that he takes all the glory for wins, never losses and does not give credit to his assistants who do their jobs.

If you followed him to Florida, you will notice his “health” issues coincided with the NCAA violations leveled at Florida.

just a few things I dislike him…

name me another coach you would have over Myers if you were the AD?

I will answer your question if you will answer this questions:

  1. Do I need to follow the NCAA rules?
  2. Is integrity of the coach, the school and the players important?

that’s fair, but he obviously knows what he is doing when it comes to X’s and O’s. On a . personal note it seems like he is probably a jerk but oh well. I’m not sure why so many successful coaches are jerks. I don’t really like Pete Carrol but he wins football games.

Maybe winning football games isn’t that important in the big picture… no, I’m sure it isn’t. :slight_smile:

Amen Floyd. I feel the same way about Meyer. As for the GREAT PLAYOFF, its still the old BCS crowd or Big 5 conference participants in the “playoff.” The question is, was it scripted? How was it Ohio State beat Wisconsin 59-0? Was it a plot to get Ohio State into the “playoff.” IMHO the Big 12 (10) shot itself in the foot with no 12 teams and no championship playoff." I don’t have much sympathy for them. It is after all, all about greed. The Big 10, erh “12” didn’t want to share their kazillins with two other schools. Well, just how much did all Big 5 conference teams get out of this “playoff?” If BYU got from $350K to some say 550K, how much did the big boys get. After all, it is all about $$$$$$.

I am not defending Myers on things I know nothing about…such as how did Wics. lose 100-0 but I do know that Myers helps his players and coaches and cares about them. I do know that Myers earned that win over Bama and Oregon and that he earned the wins at Florida. Is there a Pete Carrol kind of thing going on at Florida that I am not aware of?

when he left Florida, shortly thereafter there was an NCAA investigation into breaking some of the rules…

My main question, is “just how” did Ohio State leap frog two schools to get into the championship game?

Sorry, but the programs he took over were not elite at the time of his take over. Whether the athletes are already there or not makes no difference if the team is in disarray. He’s obviously a great coach. People would say the same things about Jackson in the NBA. It’s just a weak argument you are putting forward. I get it you don’t like the man.

I think Ohio State belonged in the final 4. I didn’t think Florida State did. What the committee needs to do next year is not put someone 3rd prior to the final week and then bump them to 6th. That’s just plain wrong. They should have the 4 top teams in the week prior to the final weekend of play. TCU definitely belonged there.

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So, BYU doesn’t run a successful program and is not clean? Seriously? And, I think you might be forgetting about teams like USC and Miami and others who were put on probation recently. SMU got the death sentence back in the 80’s. No, it can happen to big name schools too that have lots of money.

Floyd, the fact is, the former coach wasn’t able to win with those kids. Myers does. He’s a great coach that knows how to win tough games. Even prepare 3rd string QB’s to come in and win championships. He’s also recruiting right now and getting some more great players to come to OSU. Kid’s want to play for coaches who win championships…

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Didn’t we do something like that to UCLA one year when they were suppose to beat BYU? 59-0 games happen. And, by the way they played in the past 2 games, I think it’s possible for them to win like that.

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