NCAA calculation announcement

The NCAA is making strides, ok maybe still baby steps, away from the RPI.
Road wins against quality opponents will finally start to count more.
Assuming BYU continues to beat Gonzaga on the road and can figure out a way to get more road quality opponents…even this embicile can figure that out, though of course I do not have the accounting figures to know if my solution actually makes sense for the program in the short term…then long term things can improve.
Short term, BYU is going to be hurting this year. The current schedule is loaded at home and zero possibility of getting quality out of conference road wins. They simply do not have any teams scheduled that would count.
For a team, and a coaching staff, that have gotten a wake up call, (two straight years without an NCAA game? From a Dave Rose coached team? competing against the WCC? Hello? Anybody home?) their work is cut out for them this year. Given the home friendly schedule with the light-weights on it, the team will have to come close to winning out in pre-conference play…then eliminate the losses to the dregs of the conference…and still manage to eke out at least two wins from SMC and Gonzaga.
Not an impossible task, But given the abysmal results the last three years, hardly even a likely possibility.
Maybe this year the team can actually put together enough teamwork, and improve on defense enough, to do well in the NIT…still not likely…but far from the heady days of dominating the MWC playing and beating top ten opponents on a regular basis of the Dave Rose early years.
I would have preferred Dave Rice returning over Heath Schroyer but at least the coaching talent appears to have been upgraded.

Hahaha. BYU has become the SMC of the WCC. We never leave home and we never play anyone but patsies.
Hey it works for Bennett so just maybe it works for BYU.

BYU will be far better than anyone gives them credit. We will be back to the run and gun…with just a smig of defense. Last year we were soft as cheese, no, make it velvetta so any defense will look like a major upgrade.

We may just set records for 3s taken. Anyone done a comparison of 50% from inside vs. 38% from 3?

It probably still won’t matter what with Holmoe still on the committee making sure BYU basketball is ill represented…how else to explain the three worst years of post season placement?

How about the fact that BYU isn’t very good, certainly not as good as most of their fans thought they would be or were. It is unfortunate that BYU has had a couple of anomaly wins vs. Gonzaga, but for whatever reason they are either in the Zags heads or Few lets the BYU game get away from him in an effort to help prepare his team for the inevitable post season NCAA invite. The wcc is Gonzaga’s league and the Bulldogs are the king darlings. That just isn’t ever going to change and BYU must accept an occasional meaningless victory over the Zags and a 2nd or 3rd place finish every season.

How about we just agree that Few is just a top 10 elite coach and that he attracts better talent, talent that does not have to deal with an honor code.

Gonzaga would challenge in any league so long as Few is in charge.

Every year is hardly occasional.

Though given the abysmal play of the team against lower tier wcc opponents each of the victories except the one in the NCAA tournament the season before BYU joined the WCC has been sadly next to meaningless…

Given that Holmoe is not allowed in the room when BYU is discussed, something I guess I just assumed the knowledgable folks on this board know, I thought the sarcasm was evident. Apologies. the last three years of Rose’s coaching have been the worst results he’s ever had…probably a major reason why the team is bleeding not just players but coaches…

Not over a span of 20 years they wouldn’t. That could only happen in a lesser conference like the wcc, where there is a greater opportunity for league management to help create a dynasty like the one you see today.

It doesn’t happen in the acc, the big east, the sec, etc. I have seen enough so far, since BYU’s entry into the league, to have a pretty good idea that the status quo isn’t going to change anytime soon. This isn’t taking away from Few’s (or Bennet’s) coaching skills and some of you may think it is only an opinion, but I have watched enough wcc games in the past 5 years to formulate a pretty accurate idea that is backed up with factual observation. It isn’t just based on BYU games either, I’ve seen it with other teams in the league. When teams play Gonzaga, not only do they have to 1) play their best game, they need 2) a mediocre game from the Zags and 3) objective officiating (rarely the case). Getting 2 of those 3 isn’t enough, a team has to have all 3.

The ncaa would step in if it were in their best interests but it is really good for business to have a big dog from a small conference making noise in the national picture every year, so that isn’t going to happen.

It will continue to go as it has since BYU entered the wcc, LP or no LP, so I hope all you Cougarfans are content with 3rd place finishes and NIT games because the wcc, even with darling Gonzaga is a 2 bid league… you should be used to it by now.

[quote=“JimHawks, post:7, topic:7585”]
Not over a span of 20 years they wouldn’t. That could only happen in a lesser conference like the wcc, [/quote]
Like Bill Self and Kansas in the lesser conference like the Big 12?

[quote=“JimHawks, post:7, topic:7585”]
where there is a greater opportunity for league management to help create a dynasty like the one you see today.[/quote]
whistling in the dark as we tiptoe by the all-mighty, all-powerful, unnamable conspirators…

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Kansas is sort of the same thing but not as blatantly obvious as Gonzaga. It is all about the money there and the rest of the league is too complacent to really make an issue about it. Kansas brings a lot of money, basketball wise, to the conference… that is one reason why they are so bad in football.

As far as conspiracy goes, you bet it exists. It doesn’t have to be in the form that the hopper likes to claim it needs be. I have seen enough with my own eyes to know that it exists. When my eyes show me something to the contrary I will be willing to have a discussion about parity and equality.

It is just like the issue of white privilege in this country… it exists but there are no “faxes and emails” to prove it. That doesn’t change the fact that it is real.