NCAA Tournament

outcomes and the officiating are so predictable.

The best sporting event in the country has gone the way of most sports today. It is all about the show, the personalities and the money… and less about the competition, which is what the NCAA has devolved into. The same “name” teams get the best seeds… the mid majors get shafted.

St. Mary’s was right there with Arizona until a couple of calls took away any hope they had… and so it goes. Northwestern made a valiant effort vs. Gonzaga but their fans are a bunch of crybabies so I didn’t care about the missed goaltending call.

Even if BYU had played their best season ever and the LP3 had done what everyone thought they would, the Cougars would have been chased out on a rail by big conference favored officiating and big name team money.

Too bad and one of the primary reasons why I maintain that BYU won’t make a tournament run regardless of how good they are.

And the conspiracy just keeps on going. Next year we make the sweet 16…

I saw both games. Why they have to show this kid crying over, over & over - stupid to show this on this poor kid. Glad Zags won. As for SMC, yeah they got rob. We never forget what Ralph Sampson of Virginia putting his hand under through the net when it should of been called goal tending. Did you call Danny Ainge a cry baby - I think not! I remember we played Patrick Ewing of Georgetown and this cry baby BYU Scott Sineck got run over with no call. Love it when we won over ND twice in ncaa and at MC.
We have been pretty lucky in football. Beatting Texas many times and Oklahoma twice, K State in Cotton Bowl, Washington two times (remember unsportsment conduct celebration on Wash), win over Nebraska and many many times over Utah in the 70’s - 90’s. Yes WE CAN’T STAND BOISE STATE BLUE TURF!!! Yes, both Fball/Bball P5 gotten bigger/stronger/faster than ever compare to mid majors and pretty unfair and no fun to watch anymore.
If you think what you saw tonight with SMC vs Arizona, why bother to watch it and disgruntle you want to be. Just move on. Once Zags lose sometime next week, I am done watching the rest of this year Madness stuff.
I trust Dave Rose and his players but next year we will be 3rd again, we won’t win over smc nor zags in the wcc tourney. Back to NIT AGAIN!
FEEL BETTER? I am not out to get you Jim and be glad that you are a bishop and your son is on his mission. Good for your family and enjoy your self in doing service for our heavenly father.
Wait till NEXT YEAR, whatever that mean to you :smile:

I know you are not out to get me… LOL! :smile: How do you know all of this stuff? and by the way, I have two boys on missions. :grin:

You are right, it’s the same thing every year. The NCAA is a joke anymore. Same teams, same officiating that helps those same teams and the desperate effort to keep the money rolling in just keeps on going. The Big 10 (12) is getting all the love right now and there are some pretty mediocre teams making the sweet 16 because that conference brings in a lot of money. You have to have a local team there too, so Arizona will get all of the opportunities they need to make it. See ya St. Mary’s. How much is CBS paying to sponsor it all again?

So predictable…

You don’t remember us posting about all that? Wow! You don’t know everything;-)

How I know all this stuff - the BYU past or you? I guess you are referring to yourself. This forum I have been viewing and you and others (SG, Fish, etc) mentioned just recently (like sometime 6 months ago) you became a bishop and your son got called (you mentioned) and already on mission to Panama, I believe. No I don’t know anything about you & your family including your 2nd son on his mission. I am sure it is a great feeling for you and your family. You and SG sure get along well - I Think. :smile:
How I know other stuff about good old days in the 80’s. I am a gradate at BYU 1985. I came to the Y 1979 and didn’t know much about sports at the Y. 1st day I showed up in Deseret Towers dorm and went to basement to find laundry room to where bunch of guys celebrating winning over Texes A&M football. And I said, “this is big time football with Mark Wilson, and we just won that game - WOW!”
Then next, I learn a little about BBall and Danny Ainge which I too didn’t know about. Wow, MC was something and huge. After I was done with school, I followed BYU sports forever. Some 5 years ago I had to find some forum and found this CougarFans. Fun time.

I graduated in 1980. Good times! Hawks is a bit younger and in that conspiracy era :slight_smile:

So, Frank Jackson played well but had 5 turnovers. Must be an LP thing? :wink:

No not really. Duke is a lot different as in more challenging. TJ just doing stupid things but he’ll get better.

I think Haws will too. He has to get stronger and learn to keep his head up while driving.