Need to go to 128 teams in NCAAs

Watching so many average teams that BYU can beat get in because of these end of the regular season tournaments just shows more team need to be included. The only other way to make it right would be to limit the number of teams from any one conference to say 3 max.
And Syracuse goes with a 19-13 lousy team and St. Mary’s gets shut out…we may have to play them in the NIT. 5:30 PST

Yeah, let’s make those end of season tournaments for the little guys into meaningless exercises in nothingness.

You want to get rid of the automatic bid for winning your conference tournament? Think of how many teams that have made it to the sweet 16, elite 8 or final four that would never have had that opportunity because they weren’t worthy or “good enough” according to some random fans standard.

I would be more bothered by a league that does whatever it takes to protect its’ favored son every year and eliminates the possibility for a different team to make it every once in awhile. That pretty much defines the wcc.

Do you want to institute some kind of a socialist ncaa tourney election system?

LOL!!! Nice try. Parity demands change in the selection of teams. Instead of the decision being too much subjective just let more compete or at least limit teams from any one conference to have more involvement. All teams still have to compete which is not socialism…

If you get left out of a tournament that includes 68 teams, you don’t deserve to play for a NC anyway.

So, Syracuse and Arizona St. deserved to be in the field of 68? Like 17 teams that won their league long tournament of 16 to 20 games didn’t make the tournament because they lost their end of season league tournaments like St. Mary’s. The field of 68 is a joke. Half or more of the NIT belong in the Dance.

We already have the socialist formula, P-5 conferences.

I agree grasshop: How about 88 teams in the NCAA.

That would give leagues at least 2 teams. The easy way would simply limit leagues to 3 teams maximum.

They need to have 347 teams in the NCAA. That way everybody can go dancing. Better?

The way to do it is have a league tournament. The winner gets in. The winner of the regular season gets in. If there are spaces after that, then RPI factors in based on wins and losses of those who get in via tournament and league championships. Get rid of the politics about which league is the so-called strongest. Israel sent David to fight Goliath. Who won and why?

Agreed. 68 is enough. Only a few have a chance to win anyway, and almost all the first round day games are already played in half empty arenas.

With the parity in BB, I don’t know. Perhaps tho increase fans do what the NIT does in the first couple of games.

It would really help what little credibility you have, if any, if when you posted something the basic information was accurate.

Arizona State is not in the ncaa tournament, in fact they aren’t even in the NIT for that matter.

Oregon St.

Okay, that’s better.

So you may be on to something here about teams that make it into the tournament because of the conference they play in or their perceived superiority because of their name or who they played during the season…

Case in point - Wichita state beats Vanderbilt by 20 tonight. WSU has been pretty good lately, though they had an okay year (they beat Utah badly) and they were forced into an early ncaa tournament play in game. Vanderbilt finishes the season at 19-14. That is a lot of losses for a ncaa tournament team that maybe didn’t deserve to be there.

Finally… something else we can agree on. :blush:

Great game tonight!