Netanyahu is our generations Churchhill

Obama is our generation’s Neville Chamberlain. It’s embarrassing to have Obama as our President. He’s like a spoiled little boy who has been put in his place. However, the Republicans, are not taking advantage of their power. They are still caving in to the idea that if they start trying to undo Obama, Pelosi and Reid’s demolition of America, they won’t win the next election. How about just doing what’s right. Is that really so hard???

Right on SG. When I watched Netanyahu’s speech to the U.S. Congress I thought about Chamberlain, Churchill, and felt like Netanyahu was there representing the American people as a foreign leader, while our socialistic-communist President is doing every thing he can do against our country and he is the very spoiled brat that you talk about in your post. I used the name Obama as a verb which is “obamanation,” BO is a disgrace to our country and a threat to the freedom and prosperity of all the American people. He tears down our allies and stands up for our enemies.

Netanyahu wins and Obama is silent. No calls to congratulate him. I don’t understand the liberal mind at all. They continue to do the same things over and over expecting different results. They continue to think there is no evil and no devil. That terrorists will negotiate in good faith. That includes Putin. Yet, over and over the devils never keep their word and only have one thing on their minds, destroy Israel and the U.S. And, Obama and the left continue to destroy the world…