Nevada beats Boise

What does this mean about Boise? Is Nevada that good to win 41-31? Any noise about the condition of Hall and Romney? I thought we would see more from Conover the way people in here were talking about him.

Boise has a deceivingly bad record. They lost to Oklahoma St. 21-20 and they dominated Utah St. in Logan. BYU has to keep Shakur in check and they should win the game without too much trouble. That is what they should do but should and actuality aren’t always the same thing.

BSU is a team with nothing to lose at this point and as good as they have been in the past, they are dangerous for sure.

OSU was dominate in the Baylor game. Baylor just could not run on OSU. BSU is far better then their record, but they are not the BSU of old where they could impose their will on non P5 teams. They are lacking on both lines, their running game has been poor. They got a total of 3 yds in the Nevada game to go along with 3 fumbles and that is how you lose on the smurt turf.

BSU has jumped out to big leads to start games but can’t hold onto leads (depth)

USU’s Bonnar was the best QB BYU has faced this year. With his stud RB trying to play on a gimp leg
and Bonnar himself gimpy, Had these studs been healthy, BYU would of lost the 2nd half, just my opinion. USU beat BSU in every stat by a mile except points and turnovers, the score does not reflect the game but those 3 interceptions were doozies.

With a healthy Hall or Romney, I would take my chances in any game on our schedule. I expect BYU to control the BSU game as we have the other 5.

What if Conover is the starter? It’s a possibility. I haven’t heard any updates about either Hall or Romney. Have you?

BYU has been the same but has been able to hold on and win. I would say that the win vs. ASU was more the result of ASU losing the game than BYU winning it. I know these kinds of statements upset some BYU fans but it’s true. I am more of a realist but if I thought BYU was playing really well and winning convincingly to this point I would say it. I think they miss Hall. I thought Romney was good but he is smallish and not as good as Hall IMO. I don’t know about Conover yet.

BYU doesn’t look like a team that will stay undefeated to me. I think they can, I just don’t feel confident that they will at this point in time.

I think we will/would be fine with Conover. They didn’t let him do anything against USU (5/9), and that’s why Allgeier had 200+ yards — they didn’t want to risk an injury to Conover, and just did “run, run, reindeer” to run out the clock against USU.

Who would they elevate from the scout team as a backup if Hall and Romney are no-go’s? That Polynesian kid?

I think Hall (Glass Joe) is worse off than BYU wants to admit. He’ll never go more than a couple of games without missing several games or the rest of the season.

Romney is a much better passer, but he looks tiny out there.

Sitaki said yesterday all three are available to play. Did Romney have an actual concussion? Has anyone heard for sure? Not that he hit his head or held his helmet. That says nothing. He didn’t come back in was just a precautionary thing as well. Anyone in the locker room know for sure? Hall is ready to go.

Rubicon is right, Romney looks small out there. No way he is 6’2" and 195 unless that is dripping wet in heels. He does throw a nice ball but is not a threat to run much IMO.

It is too bad that Hall is so prone to injury, he is a good QB that can do a lot of different things.

I don’t think he looks small. Hall needs to be more accurate with his passing. Back shoulder passes to be precise

Romney has never lost a game he started. put dat in your book

Haha, I don’t have a “book” but I do stand by my comments. I think he has been very good when he has played. He looked small to me when he came in replacing Hall but that doesn’t matter. He is knowledgeable and doesn’t make mistakes.

Maybe I should get a book to put all this stuff in.

I think it’s just your eyesight. Use your regular glasses instead of sunglasses :sunglasses: