New August 18, 2016 survey. Where will BYU 2016 season end?

worse than 5-7

We play 6 P teams plus 4 quality G5 teams plus 2 give me games.
We have the 15th strongest SOS in the nation.
We have all new coaches except 1 existing coaches.
10 of our new coaches have played for BYU
Our QB/OC is our Heisman Trophy Winner
Our Receivers coach is Canada’s retired number, hall of fame.
We have some All America coaches.
Six teams we play are ranked above us.
Six teams we play are ranked below us.
Most sport reporters project a 6-6 season for BYU
Ron Uharriet projects a 8-4 season.
What is your projection?

One u didn’t have 7-5:)

8-4 with a bowl win would be awesome, anything better would be fantastic

Thanks Sr_Burton,

Typo put 7/6 which should have been 7/5. Now cast your vote.

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Thank you for your prediction, which is the same as mine, 8-4 and yes, a bowl win would be fantastic especially if it were a New Years Day Bowl.

7-5 an outstanding year with schedule and first year staff


I love your optimism, but I believe their season will end 7-5. They will surprise a lot of people with that success.

The optimist in me wants to believe we will be undefeated at the end of the year. But that particular set of goggles makes it a little hard to see what’s going on around me since they are so heavily tinted.

More realistically, I’m predicting an 8-4 season, with a bowl win. The last three games shouldn’t push the team particularly hard, with a few additional weeks to the bowl game after that, meaning we should have a healthy, experienced team. Final tally, 9-4.


At other sites, I am known as the “Realistic Optimist” See, already we have something in common.
In every post on this subject, I too have stated a realistic optimistic opinion that we will finish 8/4 even
as post sporting outlets say 6-6. I can’t predict anything on a bowl game until I know whom and where
we will be playing.

Right off the bat, I see Toledo, Cincinnati, Southern Utah, and Utah States as wins.

I see in much closer games that may be determined in the final minutes and/or seconds of the game, a Win
for BYU vs. Arizona, Vs. West Va., and vs. Mississippi State.

For the past week, Las Vegas Casinos consenses, is that Arizona will beat us by 2 points. I just don’t believe it
and I can’t accept it. I truly believe, with or without the blue lins, that this is BYU’s game.

I think that we today, with the players that we now have and the fantastic coaching staff that we now have,
BYYU is a better team than West Va. considering the playmakers that W. Va. lost at the end of last season.

Mississippi State is the projected middle of the pac in the SEC. They are playing at Provo. I see this as an
upset win for our Cougars.

Boise State at Boise State will be determined in the final seconds of the game. I think we have it in us to beat
them again this season. With Peterson no longer coaching at Boise State, I believe we are becoming the better

Cincinnati, we have beaten before. We can do it again. This is a must win for BYU since Cincinnati is probably our very closest and most important competitor for getting into the Big 12. Many Big 12 eyes will be on this game.

Houston is in as mandated by Texas Government. That leaves either Cincinnati or BYU for that second spot.
Fox and ESPN will not allow Big 12 to take more than 2 teams. Taking two teams is the worked out compromise between the Big 12 that wants to go to 14 and FOX/ESPN that wants them to stay at 10 team. They will go to the compromised
12 teams. BYU will win this game no matter what, They won’t quit until this game is won.

As good as we are this year, we are not yet as good as Utah, UCLA or Mich St. We will lose these games.

From what I presented above, that shows a 9-3 season, but I give up one of the wins, (don’t know which one) as a
margin of error and we will finish the season 8-4. Can’t talk about bowl game until we know whom we will be playing ane which bowl it will be. We are always unlucky in Hawaii. Always.

Gut tells me 7-5

7 and 5 also.

How about 3 losses so 10-3

The staff is works together better than fans expected so early and we have senior leadership at QB and running back.

Look at our road games as the place that we get our losses. AZ is more of a home game for us. Utah is breaking a new QB and Sitake knows their schemes so I have them as wins.

West Virginia
Mich St
Boise St
Cinn. are our road game. Mich St is the only team I see as a likely loss, all others are winnable.

Not a reply, but an update to 8/17/16 on 10/11/16 two months after the August prediction that BYU will have an 8-4 season.
I still stand by that prediction after beating Mich. State with Miss. State and Boise State still on our unfinished business list.

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