New coaching staff?

Not sure if Sitaki is the right head coach either. Too bad. But, we started the 2nd half playing in panic mode. Pass,pass,pass…

Kalani said after the Arkansas game that he would reevaluate the defense, everything would be on the table, and he would need to make some tough decisions. I think the conversation went like this:

Sitaki: Hey, sorry but I said I would reevaluate the defense, everything would be on the table, and I would need to make some tough decisions. So, now I’ve decided.

Tuiaki: Okay, I understand. Player changes?

Sitaki: No, Ilaisa, I no longer want you in the booth calling the defense.

Tuiaki: What? Nooooooo!

Sitaki: No, Cuz, I want you on the field calling the defense. That’ll make a big difference.

Tuiaki: Oh, thank you, cousin. Let’s get on the field and get the kids ready.

Sitaki: Let’s celebrate the tough decision first. The players can wait.

Tuiaki: Yep, you’re right. I think they’ve got the drop-eight defense down pat.

Yep! Now, for the offense.
OC: Let’s run about 3 or 4 running play.
Sitaki: Why?
OC: Because we want to be good people and make it easy to defend against our superior players.
Sitaki: Ya, maybe we won’t look bad losing.
OC: Hall has a big head and this will humble him and come back next year too:
Sitaki: Good point! Let’s go with it.

So, who wanted Sitaki taking over the defense? We just need a better DC and OC.

If not there already, Sitake is on the verge of losing this team. Defense collapsed - pretty much all season they struggled. Now offense is their version of the Keystone cops. Or clown car, take your pick.
Why? No solutions. A lot of talk. A lot of “I’ll get it fixed” But zero solutions. Players are putting in effort but are clearly lost. That’s coaching.
Probably can’t end of this year, but succession planning needs to begin just in case it continues next year.
How old is Ed Lamb.? I always thought he should be the head coach at some point anyway.

My top two choices for BYU’s next head coach (the sooner the better): Jay Hill and Jeff Grimes. I realize Grimes is not LDS, but TH has said the head coach does not have to be LDS and Grimes is very familiar with the BYU culture.

Maybe BYU should get Andy Reid to retire and come to BYU football program and get all the coaches do their part

Just like coach LaVelle Edward did