New Congress, same thing

New Congress…will anything change for the good?

Well, the number of Republicans and the number of Democrats changed. Is that for the good? :wink:

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Dems have always backed up the high spending, bigger government policies of this failing presidency. America has seen the phony direction of BO as indicated by the whopping beat down BO got at mid-terms. So many dems ran away from BO as far as they could run and some even hid. Of horrific consequence was the Leader of the senate who fortunately got sent packing. Harry Reid obstructed so many pieces of legislation from the House. Many laws had bi-partisan support and were still blocked by Harry Reid. Voters have finally seen through bho and the horrendous debt he has perpetrated, as well as executive actions where he has ignored congress. More state mansions(Governors) are now occupied by Republicans than ever before. Bottom line: G.O.P. are motivated as never before to prove to American voters their desire to lead the way to fiscal frugality, limiting the growth of gov’t interference, correcting huge mistakes by bho. Cutting exessive spending.

I wish you were correct. But, the new Congress voted to have the same old left of center moderates to be their leaders. So, what I see that will happen is more of the same. More spending, Obamacare continue as is because Baysnore voted to have that new bill extend and paid for until a whole year passes by. So, no change in Obamacare. Just more pandering with the left and more progressive movement continuing.

I get that you don’t like Boehner, but give them a few weeks. We both know that G.O.P. wants to get back the white house. Plus they know what they have to do to make it happen. They have got to get meaningful budget reform, get rid of big government, fix certain huge flaws in ACA. Now the two houses can work together but the presidential veto hangs over their heads, plus dictatorial executive action but Mr. Ego himself. I am certain that in 2015/16 the run up to election 2016 we will see tons of good stuff from congress which Obama will veto and voters will want a republican President and not another dem.

Well, he could have stopped that bill and waited until this week. It would not have hurt the GOP. He behaved unlike a conservative and more like a progressive.

Scott… yes he could have done that and shut down the government again, which is not a really good idea with the American People…

The PR on that would have hurt the GOP more than helped them. I can see the wisdom of waiting to pick a fight…

Now that he has full control, we should see a change even if it is only that the Senate will actually vote on something…

The problem the Tea party has now is the “All or nothing” mentality. The American people of tired of that mentality, that is one reason the Liberals lost, if the tea party wants to make the positives changes they espoused, then they need to do systematically and a piece at a time. Not try to eliminate all at once.

Take for example the ACA (ObamaCare), it saved my daughter’s life because she is not married, her company does not offer insurance and she had some medical issues that was covered under ACA.

She was able to stay on my insurance (she is under 26).
She was able to get some tests that is covered by the ACA and/or my insurance that help diagnosed the problem.

Now she can live literally pain free for the first time in 10 years.

I am not saying there are not bad parts of ObamaCare and they should be fixed, but there are some good parts that so far I have not seen the Tea Party willing to admit.

Going through this experience with my adult daughter, made my view change a bit.

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I completely agree with your post Floyd.

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Floyd, the last time we “shut down” the government (which is totally incorrect) we picked up seats in the House and won back the Senate. So, there is no PR problem with shutting down approximately 15% of the government! That’s right, only maximum 15% if that much! We should be shutting down a lot more and putting that money to better use! By the way, Obama controlled what was suppose to be “shut down.” None of it hurt anyone! No one was out any money like Social Security. And, pay continued for workers. Those that had a couple of weeks off got their money back retroactively.

The Tea Party does not have an “all or nothing” mentality. What the Tea Party does have is the right medicine for this country. What moderates have is a tendency to fear the left and thus be moved towards the progressive left. Baysnore showed that with his spineless acceptance of that bill a month ago. Tea Party leaders would not cave in to Obama.

As far as the ACA, you are simply under-educated on this subject. Medicaid would have taken care of your daughter. And, since she was on your plan, how did Obamacare help? She was covered! As to your idea that the Tea Party doesn’t recognize some good parts to Obummercare is false. The problem is that the current ACA won’t work in the short-long term. It’s too expensive and people will be finding out how expensive it is when they do their taxes this year. It’s not free, Floyd.

The sad part is that there are a few who have been helped by the ACA. However, there are a lot more people who are being hurt! The costs for most people are higher, not lower. And, the price is going up while the coverage is going down. Deductibles have go up if you aren’t aware because you are on the government’s insurance. Because of the high deductibles, people aren’t going in to see their doctors and more deaths and suffering will be taking place. So, while your daughter is better, mine isn’t! Her job won’t insure her and keeps her part-time. Your a typical ■■■ who is okay with others suffering as long as you aren’t.

I hate to break it to you… but “Perception” is “Reality”.

The government was shut down by the Tea Party members Cruz and Lee.
That is and was the perception by the American people. Even Hannity used that term…

second, Please site your source that says only 15 percent was shut down… from what I remember it was closer to 30-40 percent.

as for the “all or nothing” mentality… you may be right for most of the tea party, but I can only know based on those talking to the media…and Pallin, Lee and Cruz and other tea party members has made it pretty clear it is all or nothing concerning ACA…

As for my daughter, I hate doing this, but Scott you are full of it… Medicaid does not work for my daughter. She is not old enough, Medicare would not cover her. Do you not think I checked out every avenue of help for my daughter? Because she was under 26 and could be on my insurance, Medicare would not touch. Please Scott, Don talk unless you know what you are talking about. I did my due diligence in finding the best way to help her.

How did ObamaCare help? Well you may not know this, but insurance companies are mandated by the ACA to provide certain benefits to their clients. The two tests my daughter had to take, was covered under the ACA provisions. She still had to pay a co-pay, but did not have to pay the full price.

Scott, you have no proof that more people have been hurt or helped by ACA. I know Sara Pallin and Tea Partiers say it has, but they have found no actual data to back up the claim… THUS THE “Perception” is Reality" comments…

As I said there are some major things the ACA needs to have fixed, but there are some that are good.

As for your “not free” comment, should we apply that to the Highways you drive on? do you really think the gas tax you pay covers the entire cost of maintaining freeways? Your right nothing is free… not just the ACA…

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As for the GOP… I think Bohener (sp?) is waiting for a “bomb” proof method of enacting some changes… But in order to do that he needed the Senate, that would not take place until last week.

We will see if he is a good leader or not, now that he has a almost super majority.

my main concerns is not with ACA, but rather the Executive orders Obama is pushing and the Policies set by the agencies like the EPA, IRS, etc…

He’s already proved he has no spine.

Have you not been paying attention to his unconstitutuional executive orders with the ACA? And, how they intertwine with the IRS and EPA? The ACA is more devestating because it directly affects our health. The eventual outcome will be a universal healthcare plan which would kill more people than Hitler, Mao and Stalin could ever imagine.

So how can it be unconstitutional when SCOTUS has ruled it to be Constitutional?

So only when you agree with SCOTUS decisions that make it constitutional?

Wow… what logic…

You may not like ACA, but to say it is not constitutional is not accurate.

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You do know they lied to the SCOTUS. No? Wouldn’t suprise me. That’s why the new challenge is coming in June. Like most when they lie, they eventually are smelled out.

SG: Hopefully the Supreme Court will over throw both the do-nothing Congress and the BO Administration and declare OBamacare unconstitutional with this latest legal challenge to the Obamanation Care.