New LB Coach hired

Not sure who he is, but he was hired:

BYU football: Cougars add veteran coach Kevin Clune to defensive staff - Deseret News

Maybe Chris or Tom knows something about him, since they have some good ties to the AD office.

“When I played here, I remember first getting here and the offense was like a living, breathing creature. Everybody just knew. The players knew. The coaches coached it, but the players taught it,” he said. “I learned the offense from Steve Sarkisian and Chad Lewis and it just got passed down. The Utah defense is the exact same way. It’s been there so long and the players just know it and the coaches just coach it and they just live it and breathe it and eat it and I think that’s what I hope to get to. We’re not there yet. But it’s taking root.”

The damage that Crowton and Mendenhall did on the offense to BYU is being undone…now if only the powers that B do not undo the good on defence,

Clune was with the team last year. Continuity.