New Missionary Dress Code?

For some areas, no ties and blue shirts will be acceptable. Does anyone know where this would be acceptable? It doesn’t say on the church website.

It’s up to the area presidency, with input from area authorities.

For what purpose? I guess, is this for 3rd world countries? What’s the point?

Have you ever lived in the deep south where the temp and humidity is exactly the same at 95?
I have, it is very uncomfortable to have a tie on.

Why are you making a big deal about it? It is not that important if Missionaries where blue or white shirts, or if they even where a tie… It is about the work, not the dress code.Beside a Living breathing Prophet says it is okay… what else is there to worry about? Oh yea, being racist, being infected and the rise of stupidity in the US is at an all time high!

One other thing, in some countries, if you wear a suit with a white shirt and tie, they think you are CIA and there to kill them. Had a friends son who just got back from a mission in South America tell me that… I thought was some missionary folk lore, because I have heard before… but apparently it is true.

I am reminded of the time in college where I had beer bottles thrown at me because I was riding a mountain bike home at night in a white shirt, tie, and name badge. I will never forget hearing a bottle break against a sign I just passed and heard someone yell “where is the other guy”. I wish Wienerschnitzel had allowed for blue shirts.

So, they wouldn’t know that they are missionaries if they wore blue shirts and no tie? Oh, like Superman…

As I said, it’s for 3rd world countries. And then you give me an example of just that. All while trying be angry, mad or some kind of hate. Just like Trump.

As far as a tie in the south. Oh, boohoo… whimps.

Deep south are states like Alabama, Georgia, North or South Carolina is not a 3rd countries…

Spoken like someone who has never lived in the South.

According to our bishop, missionaries are now allowed to wear polo type pullover shirts in the Portland Area.

For decades missionaries have done so and survived. Even in 3rd world countries. Just another sign that the end is near.

So your saying we have a false prophet because he is allowing blue shirts, not wearing ties, etc?

False? What does wearing close have to do with Doctrine and Truth. Was BY false because of the restrictions on Black members? I’m just saying if there is more appeasement towards looking like the world and bowing down to it, we are closer to the end. Next thing we will see is paying reparations to BLM. You don’t think that’s coming to appease them? So let the black kid look cool like in the ad. Uggg…