New players coming to BYU

it is reported that the Nacua brothers (Sampson, Puka) who are the younger brothers of Kia Nacua.

both were both big time recruits.

Do they have to sit out a year?

I think Sampson will be a 5th year Senior, So I think he can play right away. Not sure about Puka.

The articles I read has not mentioned anything about sitting a year, so take that for what it is worth.

They should just come to the Lord’s university to begin with :hugs:

Reminds me that Rex Lee, founding dean of the BYU law school and former Pres. of BYU, used to react strongly when anyone called BYU “the Lord’s University”. He would immediately correct them (usually one of us smart aleck law students) and forcefully tell them "BYU is NOT the Lord’s University! BYU is the Church’s University. The Lord’s University is that big white building up on the hill! (Pointing at the Provo Temple) He always made sure we understood the clear and very real difference.

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That was his opinion. He is entitled to his opinion. I take a slightly different view or opinion of logic. The Lord owns His Church (we are just stewards of His Church). The Church owns BYU. Therefore through the transitive postulate, the Lord owns BYU and we are just stewards of it. Or, the people that run it. And the students are His students as well. :sunglasses:

Through the transitive postulate, “the Earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof” and we are all God’s children, therefore all universities and all students are the Lord’s. President Lee’s distinction gives meaning and context. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually, the transitive of that would be we are all of the earth. The transitive connection is the Lord’s. And, there is no mention of BYU or any university for that matter. But, good quote anyways.

Let us never forget the words of Elder Hartman Rector, Jr., at a BYU devotional: It’s because of him that we are here. Everything we do in this life that is really worthwhile comes through the Lord. This is the Lord’s university. It’s altogether fitting, I presume, that we should have seven or eight thousand, or however many may be here this morning, gather together at least once a week in a devotional, where we bear witness of what we know to be true: that Jesus is the Christ, that this is his university and that you are students in the Lord’s university.

Of course, that was back in 1975 and BYU students may not be as saintly as they were 46 years ago. Then again, 1976-1977 was my freshman year, and my personal experience hopes today’s students are more spiritual.

Bob I wholeheartedly agree with your and Rex Lee’s description of BYU vs the temple. If BYU were the Lords University it would allow all students in, particularly those that give full effort. It is a church sponsored university. If it were 100% the church then all youth could attend, tuition would be free or at least wouldnt accept government funded Pell grant money. The employees would be serving in a calling and sustained and or released. But, it is a good wholesome higher education and not yet part of the temple recommend questions/interview, where attending a different university would disqualify you from full church fellowship! Don’t fall for the Hopper antics!! He doesn’t really believe what he writes most of the time!

It’s really simple, there are 3 degrees of glory. The Lord’s University, Private religious universities and then public universities. :innocent:

Just curious why when I posted what I thought would be exciting news about getting two “Highly Qualified” receivers coming to BYU to strengthen our receiving group, that this post turned into a religious pissing contest?

Seriously, Did anyone mentioned that Tom Holmoe won the NCAA AD of the year award?
Can we move the religion talk to “Off Topic”?

This is the Lord’s university so why wouldn’t topics have religious comments? :sunglasses:

Bob H.,
Welcome to the world of gh.

Thanks Floyd.
Ron Uharriet

Sometime in April NCAA committees will vote for a waiver if to allow non-graduate student athletes could start immediately 2021