New RB transfer

Emanuel Esukpa is transferring from Rice as a grad transfer. He is big, strong and averaged 4.0 ypc behind a less than stellar O-line. I can see him punching the ball into the end zone on short yardage plays. Welcome to the nation!

I saw that and BYU is thin at RB his addition should help.

Isn’t there another RB thinking about grad transferring?

Sorry, can’t remember his name.

BYU Junior Riley Burt at one time transferring to unlv but ending up at usu. Is that what you referring to?

No I thought some guy was coming from North Carolina or some where back East.

There something mentioned a grad transfer from florida state university.

I only remember about two possible grad transfer players - one from Rice (which was announced) and FSU (from cougarfan board)

Thanks for the information.

See, we get graduate transfers too.

We got two… out of how many Scott?

We got two… out of how many?

We only have so many spots- just saying… lol

Neal according to a lot of people here the only people who transfer are the ones who leave the BYU basketball program.

We lost a really good grad transfer receiver because of the Master Academic standards of BYU.

That is what I was talking about that we had scholarships for these guys, but because of BYU Masters academic standards we have lost of couple of them.

I know Kalani really wanted the WR… but not much he could do about it.

You mean at BYU, a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree actually means something? Oh, the sky is now falling!!!

I listened to the Emmanuel Esukpa interview on BYU SN today. I was impressed by his apparent intelligence and that fact that he is going into the two-year Master’s in Public Administration program at BYU. To me anybody that can play football and graduate from Rice University is truly a student athlete and has a high IQ. I was in one of the early MPA graduate classes and graduated in 1971. I look forward ro Esukpa coming to BYU. I think he will be a great addition to our football program and the RB corps.

Burt was poised to be the man at BYU. He chose to start over at USU. That looked like a step back to me

This topic was opened when Emmanuel Esukpa announced his transfer to the Y. Ty’Son Williams of South Carolina announced he is coming and he appears to be somebody we may have reason to be excited about. He was in the RB rotation at a SEC school. According to one article I just read he was considered the top football player in South Carolino coming out of high school and the number 11 RB in the nation according to ESPN. His production hasn’t been what you would expect from a high profile recruit but I could see him getting a thousand yards at the Y if he can stay healthy based on an experienced offensive line and the type of schedule BYU plays. He only played 8 games last year due to a broken hand.but had decent numbers in a running back by committee system. I foresee him being the featured back once he learns the system.

Based on the comments he made in a local newspaper article in South Carolina he sounds like a good fit. He appears to want to be at the Y based on an opportunity to play a lot and the impression he got from the people at BYU,

Here’s a link to the newspaper article. The article is posted on Cougar Fan.,325938

“Burt was poised to be the man at BYU. He chose to start over at USU. That looked like a step back to me”

Not so sure about that. USU was better than either BYU or Utah last year. I expect a similar outcome this year.

I would love to see him rush over 1,000 yard but don’t forget we got couple of good QB who can throw a lot (mostly Wilson) and dual QB of Hall.

BYU went from shallow/hurting at RB to Deep at RB just like that.

The more I hear about Ty’son Willions just gets me excited. He has serous speed. can catch the ball out of the backfield. Here is a SEC highlight reel (Warning, turn the sound OFF****Warning)

BYU gets a RB talent like this kid once in decades

writeup with highlights, Houston game

While he is not in the league of Ty’son, he’s big powerful, can stop this biggest LBer or DE from killing Wilson on a pass and this kid can pop one anytime.