New Recruits including Juarez

Watch the video embedded in this article. Watching Juarez do this to high school players in Los Angeles makes me want to cry–tears of joy if we sign this kid, or tears of despair for what might have been. Or maybe I’m just dicing an onion. Seriously, best film I’ve ever seen on a HS kid. Ever. Including Jadaveon Clowney, because he wasn’t playing QB and WR and returning kicks AND creaming every ballcarrier in sight.

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Yeah, I watched it earlier today. He is a top 10 rated recruit in the entire country. He was not even on the radar a week ago and then he pops up on tweeter. Folks are saying that he plans on visiting BYU to appease mom and family and that he will most likely sign with UCLA but I have a feeling that Sitake and co. know how to wrap this tasty BYU experience and dare you to take a bit.

Kid just ran away from every kid in every highlight. Here’s to hoping.

Don’t tell anyone, but Mr. Clowney lives right behind me.