Nice article about Kolby Lee

Thought some people might like this:

I noticed that Chris Burgess, assistant coach has helped Lee learn to be a better inside player.

Yeh no one is more shocked than I’ve been. I thought it was a waste of a scholarship. Wtg Lee and Burgess. It’s a great feel good story

He has a wide body and that can be an asset for a post player. I thought he should have played more last year as opposed to Worthington. I think he was 3 a star recruit and was fairly highly regarded out of HS. He was Idaho’s Mr. Basketball. The only thing I ever had an issue with Rose over was how he used his big men. Lee had way more upside than Worthington and I thought he should have played more and been developed more last year in my opinion. I think Dastrup was wasted and even though he hasn’t done anything at Oregon St. I think BYU may have ruined him. I could be wrong on that but watching him play it was obvious he had some skills and he played a big role in some wins a couple of years ago.

Or the lack thereof playing his big men… :open_mouth:

I agree with your comments.

Or maybe Rose saw that Dastrup didn’t have much of an upside. And Oregon is proving this out.
I did think both Dastrup and Lee should have played more minutes than Worthington. No argument there.

I am only feeling the need or desire to respond to intelligent posts and “ARO” is one of the more intelligent posters on cougarfan. I agree that I was not a big Kolby Lee fan but I feel like he is maximizing his potential and ability with Pope as the coach. Burgess is likely helping there as well. Just think what could have been with Dastrup had Pope and Burgess been there to help him along.

I agree that he was wasted and I have seen a couple OSU games and it appears his career will come to an uneventful close soon.

What a shame.

These kinds of comments are why I find it hard to respond to most of your posts. The only reason I do respond is to provide fish and others with a good laugh they might enjoy after a rough day at work or to relieve some stress.

Unfortunately most of your posts don’t have much of an upside…

Hey, Dastrup goes to another coach and did it help? The idea that previous coaches somehow took away is ability to progress is illogical. Rose was so bad that the Oregon coach should have made him an all-american. But, no.

Since I live in the area where he played, even a lot of locals had doubt how he would fare in major college ball. Never underestimate the value of great coaching. He has exceeded expectations and is only a sophomore. He could end up really good

You are a poor evaluator of talent and potential…

when it comes to your posts. Your comments have little potential and absolutely no talent at all. If you honestly believe that Dastrup showed nothing in the games he sparingly played a couple years ago then my previous comments stand. If you do then I will recant and we can move forward.

Apparently he had no upside. He had peaked. Rose saw it. The Oregon coaches see it. I see it. But you can’t? Why not? :grinning:

fully agree on Lee vs. $$donor Worthington but Rose’s favoritism will always be a sore spot for me.

Lee’s shooting % has peeked. His athleticism probably peaked in HS. But his desire and hustle continue to drive him towards excellence. Love his game, his work ethic. Pope deserve a ton of credit.

As for Dahstrup…… When Cummard told me that he did not have a “high motor”, that appears to be true. But even a low motor beats hack a second Worthington. I saw with my own eyes Dastrup’s ability in beating Utah when he scored timely 3s and changed the trajectory of that game, something Worthington could never do. I lean toward Dastrup being mismanaged at BYU. I certainly could understand with Rose’s cancer and him being just too tired to take on trying to motivate Dastrup. I also have seen Nixon and Lee’s development from 3 years with Rose and 1 with Pope. Very excited to see where BYU is once Pope has been here 3 years and has his guys in place.

The turnaround of Nixon and Lee simply amazes me. I wish Pope would have had the opportunity with several players that left BYU, but I look forward to his recruiting process and the development of those recruits

It will be hard to forget how Coach Dave Rose plays his favorites. We had a lot of great players who came and left elsewhere - Jordan Chatman, Jake Toolson, Payton Dastrup, FB4, Jacob Hartsock, etc. Did Jacob played somewhere else or did he just quit playing? And Jacob H. was suppose to be better than his brother Noah.

Still chaps me that he did not get play time.

Yes, He left the program, no he did not transfer, he decided to concentrate on schooling…

Here is his quote:
“I decided to make school my main priority,” Hartsock told the Tribune. “It was a tough decision leaving, but I felt that it was best for what I needed at this time in my life. I love BYU and the staff and all my teammates, but this is where I need to be right now.”

I am still confused about him, According the papers, the reason he transferred was not because PT, but rather the BYU’s Law School would not allow him to play ball.

Fish, Do you have anymore insight to this?

That’s what I remember too.

Nice to have you back Jim!! I thought the calling was probably wearing you down!