Nice article about Kolby Lee

So, he wasn’t really any better than the players that stayed and are playing successfully in Europe.
When we look at the entire collegiate picture, transferring is done a lot. And, BYU doesn’t have more than other schools transferring out. And, for the same reasons; not enough playing time, under appreciated, one and doneers and so on…

Probably but those players represent the cream at BYU which make it a significant loss

I thought that Dastrup originally had a huge upside. But it’s obvious he didn’t and that is playing out in OSU. Rose saw this. Maybe some of the others like Chatman would have improved. Rose didn’t see that he would anymore than TJ or Emery at the time. Hindsight is 20-20. Now, Mika is different. He thought the way to the NBA was go to Europe. He was wrong. As is other Americans that go to Europe. Once in Europe, they have essentially been “carried away” never to play in the NBA and seen again. Oh Babylon

Talking about two different player types-Chatman had obvious skills before he transferred. Rose himself called him his best defensive player on the team as a freshman. He went on to be a obvious productive star in a major conference. Rose played favorites with the LP3 recruits-one which moved on after his freshman year and another that quit basketball. Chatman was different than some of the other transfers -he had a BYU pedigree with his Father starring at BYU, a successful RM, and outstanding academics. Dastrup was a player who showed flashes of what he could develop into. Everyone saw it except the blind. He should have stayed at BYU and had he known Pope and Burgess would have been mentoring him he probably would have and perhaps developed as Lee is now

Points well taken. Perhaps Rose saw Emery would improve in his defensive potential too and simply challenged Chatman by saying he had to earn is starting position and playing time. Don’t know because neither Rose or Chatman has said much about it.

Chatman was stuck behind The lone peak players, who were roses favorites. he wasn’t going to get any more playing time so he transferred end of story. The story about the law degree was a way for BYU to save face. Initially Chapman probably was going to enter the law program but he changed his mind once he was offered to transfer as a grad student to Boston College

So, instead of just transferring, he had to come up with a bogus story to save face? With who? His family? Sad…

he actually did apply to byu law school and was accepted but could not attend, then chose a different path. MBA at Boston is not a bad option and got him into the ACC and a future closer to what he wanted. Still strong in the church, still a great rep of BYU.

LOL! between work and my calling it has been wearing me down a bit. I missed being here, I missed all 10 of you guys! haha

The only sad thing here is your assessment of what happened. Sad…

You meant to say "still strong in the church, still a great rep of HIS RELIGION.

Thank you. I am so glad you know what I was thinking better than I personally knew myself.

The favoritisms in the Rose program were like a high school coach who knew he was comfortable in his job and wouldn’t be removed. Unfortunately the LP3 was the final straw that depleted the talent and hurt the recruiting and the reputation of Rose. The Chatman family was very politically correct and didn’t want to rock the boat.

I will share a little insight … Terry Nastif got sideways with Rose over the course of 4 years because he felt Rose favored some Utah players and some legacy recruits over some of the kids that Terry recruited from Terry’s home state of WA. Terry went to HS in Vancouver WA. He had a great relationship with the Chatmans and they put him onto not 1 but 3 Gadorade POY’s in WA. The first was a kid from a super small school in rural WA and older than Jordan. Terry made 8 trips to watch the kid in HS and AAU. When the GU game was played in Spokane … Terry went and watched this kid, Joe Harris, in the day between GU and Portland. Rose said he was too busy … 2 years in a row. Terry got Rose to agree to offer a scholly only when Kyle Collinsworth mentioned to Rose that this Harris kid played well against Kyles AAU team.
Long story but Rose thought that Harris might impact his ability to recruit some other shooting guards who were members of families that Rose knew well. Eventually Harris told Terry that he would attend BYU if Rose would come up to WA and meet his family and him. Rose wouldn’t go because he said he was too busy. One month later he found cancer. Harris took his only other offer and went to Virginia and the rest is history … as is his dethroning of Steph Curry in the 3 pt shooting contest. There is more to the story but the Chatman and Beo kids were also POY WA kids who all knew each other … Terry was let go by Rose … basically told Rose that his talent evaluation was costing the program and Rose got mad. Rose has a temper when it came to people disagreeing with him on recruits and roster players abilities. Most people don’t know that side of Rose. This is why he preferred to have weak and young coaches on his staff … my opinion only.

Can you imagine what a Harris, Collinsworth, Hartsock, Davies, Jimmer, Emery, and Co lineup would have done? Harris rebuilt the entire VA program from nothing … first recruit of Bennett and he came all the way across the country. Bennett was his only offer and it came 2 years after Nashif began recruiting him. BYU May have won a National Championship even without Davies.

BTW who recruited Jake Toolson? That’s right Nashif. Any wonder he left the program under Rose?

Thanks for taking the time to write the story. Anyone with a half a brain knew Rose’s parchment for Local Kids was hurting the program. His casting net was maybe 50 miles. I’m just glad we are past that nightmare.

Your thoughts on Pope?

I like Pope. I like his staff and I think the kids have bought into the system. His recruiting will pay dividends and most of all … he has a passion and energy for the game that is fun for players and fans. He probably isn’t the most knowledgeable x and o guy but the program is in a major upgrade mode. I hope he continues and I think that sometime in the next 5 years we will win the WCC and get a 1 and done type player to break the mold at BYU.

Can he get Nashiff back into recruiting especially WA? I am not sure what Kyle Smith will be doing at Wazoo but Few and Hopkins seem to be focusing on bigger gets than the local WA state talent.

That ship has sailed I think. But Pope is much more far reaching in his recruiting and his assistants are also. We should be much better over the next 5 years than the prior 5 years. This season could have been a disaster if Pope didn’t get a hold on the program. It took Pope’s fairness and attitude to finally make Nick Emery be realistic. Childs coming back is solely Pope and his staff. The new guards and the team mentality are all due to Pope. Not a great team this year but WAY better than anyone hoped for at the “retirement announcement “ press conference. Progress progress progress. Headed in the right direction.

I don’t see much of a drop off next year. We will be deep at the 4 and 5. We have some good talent coming back and I bet we will get a good transfer or two as well.

It’s been a long time and I don’t come on cougarfan all that much like I used to. Thanks to thawk for letting us in on something that I had wondered about and sort of hypothesized on for years. I think most of the regular posters here know what I am talking about.

This year’s team made great progress over last years team. Every player was better than he was last year. Pope got more out of these guys than Rose ever would have. This isn’t a knock on Rose as a person but his coaching style, lack of accountability and favoritism, etc. were a big problem.

I believe the program will only get better. Will it be good enough to unseat Gonzaga? I doubt it but it would be nice to think about the possibility. Gonzaga has been doing this for decades now and they have built something on the order of Duke or Kentucky. I don’t think BYU can do ther same.

This years team had a chance to do something great and the corona shot it down.

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Program is headed it the right direction-I believe that is what most fans are concerned with

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