Nice game from Davis

Davis missed a couple short ones but was dominating tonight! The bigs took over that game! I’m really getting worried about the outside shooting. Hesitation and the shooting mechanics are horrible all of a sudden with Emery and Haws. Their feet aren’t towards the basket making their elbows fling outwards and the ball is going left and right.
I really like how Rose controls the floor. I hope we have someone in the wing for next year that can do it too.

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Very strange game. Way too many turnovers! The foul calls were outrageous from what I could tell. Half the time a foul was called it looked like no one was even touched. I don’t think Emery has ever fouled out from what I can remember. Then they slam a guy and goal tend at the same time and no call at all. It was nice to see us finally pull away in the end. For awhile it looked like they were determined to give that one away. Davis did play incredibly and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I didn’t even know he could drive like that.

The refs could be a blessing in disguise to prepare us for league play.
The no-call on Haws was just plain bad. Should have been a foul and a goal tend

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My wife and I happened to be in Vegas and she suggested we go to the game tonight instead of a show. I’m a lucky guy.

What I noticed. First off, i am no bball expert so take this as a grain of salt. Myka is a beast and his second foul didn’t occur. I had the perfect view and it was a blown call. This changed our game. We were on a roll and it killed momentum. I won’t say the refs were horrible, but they called things tight on us and swallowed their whistles a couple times on the other end. Davis played great. He had a lot of energy and looked up to the task when Myka went out. Childs is strong and Ayres played great.

I wasn’t too impressed by the guards tonight. Haws and Emery never got into a good rhythm and seemed off.

I just thought they called fouls when they couldn’t see the foul committed. The one they missed when Haws tried to dunk and was fouled and basket interference.
We shot 10 more free throws so we didn’t get the shaft from the refs.
I agree the guards need to practice shooting 3’s. Shooting mechanics are really off.

“That will be a top-20 team by January, I really believe that,” St Louis Coach Ford said. “They have guys who were on missions just figuring it out. It’s one of the better inside-outside games you’ll come across.”

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As soon as they start hitting the 3’s more we will be unbeatable. And stop turning the ball over.

Breakout game for Davis. I have been one of his harshest critics but he brought his “A” game last night. I think his biggest deterrent has been a lack of confidence. He’s benefiting now from having guards who are excellent at getting the ball into the post. With teams focusing so much on Mika, Davis is going to be able to shine if he can continue to be aggressive and consistently finish like he did last night.

The show in the first half didn’t go well but 2nd half was very good. Not sure if you are going to Wed night game which should be Very Entertaining the whole way with some circus 3 pointers for us.
Anyway I didn’t loose my cool when I saw that TJ body slam and a no call. I wonder they were WWE Refs.

Rose mentioned that BYU got to the arena 70 minutes before tip off so I am sure the guards were clanking unfamiliar rims. By Wednesday, they should be dialed in.

60 points from our bigs. unheard of. Seems like Mika fouled out the entire Bilikan squad. Aytes goes perfect in his best game. Davis’s best game as well.

LJ Rose is the cement to this young team. Had ManChilds been able to track down those perfect passes, Rose would have a double double in Rebs and Assists.

With the guards getting used to the arena, we would not have too tough of time staying ahead of Valpo. Just be aware of where Alec Peters is at, at all times.

LJ has been a great floor general and certainly filled the KC void more than expected…interior passing among bigs has impresse as well

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Good point about Aytes. This is a breakout game for him as well. This is the player we were hoping to get when he announced that he was coming to BYU. I hope he has a great year after all the injuries he has battled through. Rose said he was an explosive jumper before his ankle problems occurred. In an interview last night, Aytes said he hoped his jumping ability would be back by the conference opener. His shot has never left him and that was on full display last night.

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Good analysis. However we have shot poorly 3 point shots in all 4 games so far. Last night they weren’t so much short or long as they were left and right. That’s not having feet under you and chest not square to the basket. It causes the elbow to fling out and the ball goes left or right. Haws is leaning forward too forward on his shot.

Three things that BYU has this year that I did not see coming…

LJ Rose, I knew he was a pass first guy but I did not know how unselfish he was. He makes BYU a contender.

Mika’s FT% and his baseline moves. He had to be playing in Italy over the past two years, right?

Aytes, soft hands, soft shot. Worked hard over the summer.

Rose is learning so many things from this young team, he can now trust Guinn and Aytes. ManChilds does not play like a Fr., not when we are calling his name over Davis…who had just about a perfect game last night.

When our trusted guards, Emery and Haws have the worst game of the year and we still blow out St Louis, it says something. If BYU beats Valpo, a veteran team, we know this team is special.

Agreed. We aren’t forcing things so much.

You hit the nail on the head regarding the depth of this team. The guards had a bad outing. When the guards struggled last year, that was a sure loss. This year, we have so many different weapons and ways to attack that opposing teams won’t know who to key on when developing a game plan. I’m sure Davis was not a concern for St. Louis until halfway through the first half. They had to be asking themselves, “WHO is this guy and why didn’t we scout him better?” So far, Mika hasn’t had an off night. If he can give that kind of effort every night, other teams had better look out. You know that Haws and Emery and even Leifson are going to start knocking down 3s at some point. We haven’t even brought up Elijah Bryant who was playing poorly last night. Once he gets back fully and gets a little more confidence, he’s going to really help this team. There’s a lot to be encouraged by so far. Like you said, a win against Valpo will tell us a lot about the potential and strength of this team.

When Beo is healthy again he will give Liefson a run for his money. Or anyway when he was healthy he was seeing the floor more :wink:

He was impressive in the blue and white game. I didn’t know he was injured. Hopefully, it is something that will heal quickly.

Doesn’t LJ Rose just seem to be supremely calm and confident at all times? He never seems rushed or out of control. I have been saying since preseason that he doesn’t have great hops, but he has outstanding upper body strength and court awareness, and that will make him a very consistent rebounder for a guard–not like KC, because NO college guard picks the boards like KC, but solid. And yes you better be ready when Rose has the rock because it’s coming your way. MIKA??? HAHAHA how good is he? An absolute physical monster, a hustle machine, with great touch? His biggest problem will be deciding whether to go for the $$ or play another year with his buddies…

Guinn looked aggressive and useful. Aytes can help us. TJ better take better care of the rock…my goodness…this is a fun team to watch. I’m just saying we better enjoy watching Mika while we still can.

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Peters is really good. Since NCAA officials are now apparently calling a foul at any time, whether or not there is contact, we will see more frustrating games with Mika or ManChild out most of the whole first half after a mystery foul or two. I just hope that the Valpo game is not one of those. With our bigs we should usually shoot more FT than our opponents, but I swear that this new mandate is really, really difficult to watch. I wonder if it’s part of some greater conspiracy to make people hate basketball and watch soccer or hockey.