Nick Emery shooting at MC

Nice to see a video of him shooting at the MC. Now I like to see Jax guarding Nick how he does with his shooting. He’s looking pretty good with no problem after his surgery.

Was that supposed to be an impressive video?

The guy who wrote the article was hyped out of his mind… Emery wasn’t doing any of the things he said and he wasn’t “absolutely burning the place to the ground”. I’ve done that same kind of drill with my kid and he’s made 10 or more in a row on numerous occasions.

What’s the big deal? How tall is Emery anyway? He looks smallish to me, not sure things will be that easy for him when he starts playing seriously.

Oh well, let the hype begin and continue… as it always does.

Come on Jim, just wait till 2 years from now…

Nick in past has said his family was a big u fan and probably still is (I think). We saw Jax how he played especially playing defense and remember he got up to this tough Marshall Henderson at the MC. It was frustrating at times when Jax couldn’t hit his shots and especially against Florida sweet 16. Nick does have better control on the floor more than Halford and Mattie selfish. Nick will be fine and I am more looking forward for the four years and Dave Rose too.

Nick has been dealing with thoracic outlet syndrome. Which if you look up deals with the muscles and nerves. This is a major illness.

I think the marvelous things is that while Nick has had to deal with this illness, he is able to do those drills. Yea the guy that wrote the article is a bit over the top, but I know Nick was one of the most sought out players in high school. His team won the Mythical High School National Championship.

His team destroy Jabari Parker high school team…

Will he be good in college? Not sure, but I know before the illness the answer was going to be “Very good chance”.