NIT bound if that

We just don’t have enough consistency. Pepperdine showed how to protect the ball and are just better underneath.
Turnovers were pathetic. Shooting in second half was pathetic.

You forgot to mention the pathetic officiating.

It really does suck.

How does a team that averages 66 points a game score nearly that many in one half, coming back from 16 points down, to win going away?

Pepperdine protecting the ball and better underneath combined with BYU turnovers and bad shooting in the second half aren’t enough reasons to make the difference. How does one player on the other team shoot more free throws (16) than the entire BYU team (14) early in the second half?

I don’t have to see the game to know what is going on, I’ve seen it numerous times in this league. Gonzaga is the favored child, everyone else is a red-headed step child…

Gonzaga had 10 turnovers to 1 vs. Santa Clara, was shooting terrible and was down by only 2 at half.

And a last FYI for anybody who reads this - Gonzaga was up 12 at the end of the Santa Clara game and one of their players dunked with a second left to win by 14. Real class there… this league just gets worse as BYU spends more time in it.

The major sports situation for the Cougars is a disaster right now, football and basketball.

Jim H: I am with you. The WCC has the most inept, inconsistent, and bias officials that I have ever seen. I believe that because the WCC is near the bottom of the western food chain we get the least paid and least competent refs in the west. Big teams always get the better calls, not only in the WCC, but everywhere. Then there are the Holy Grail teams like Gonzaga, St. Marys, USF. Sometimes it is a San Diego or a Pepperdine. There is little to no logic for it, except for the Holy Grails of the WCC. Why BYU is in this league, I just don’t know, except we over reacted to Utah getting into the PAC and the WAC plan fell through.Plus BYU wanted “exposure” through the BYUtv. The BOD wanted to build our own “network.” Well, we have the TV station and exposure. But where do we stand in competition. In basketball BYU for a long time owned the MWC. WE owned it in football too until TCU came along. BYU owned most of the Olympic sports to0, once upon a time.