No Controversy Intended


I know that teams are scheduled years in advance on the most part. I also know that most teams follow a pattern.

Admittedly, 2017 BYU, broke that pattern in a big way. Yes there are exceptions and we will have to deal with
those exceptions.

My opinion:

There is no shame in losing to a highly ranked P5 team like Wisconsin or LSU. Also, there is no shame losing
to a Miss. State or a Utah. It would be great if we, as the underdog, could come in and win one or two of these

Boise State is not a P5 team, but this G5 team plays better than some of the lower level P5 teams. The P5
conferences know this and acknowledge this. I would like to see them become our real G5 rival.

The shame come when we lose to teams ranked 100 or worse at the time we play them. We should follow the
lead of the Big 10 and say no FCS allowed in our programing. We really got exposed the way we lack luster
played against Portland State and the shameful way we played against the other #100 or worse ranked teams.

My suggestion:

Until we learn how to play a P5 like schedule, stay away from those P5 teams ranked in the top 40 and try hard
to schedule 9 P5 teams ranked 41 or worse. Keep Boise State as our top G5 team and schedule two more G5
teams that we are pretty sure to win like UNLV and one more of the lower ranked MWC team that does not
have the sound of San Jose State, Fresno State or even SDS. Let us fight for a meaningful 6-7 win season that
give us a bowl game that we can be proud of.

The Gene is out of the box, There is no going back to a G5 conference.