No longer a rivalry!

Going back and checked the records:
U of U caught up to us in FB in 1993;
Since 1999 or 24 games, U of U won 17 games;
U of U has won 14 times in the past 20 games;
U of U has won 12 times in the past 15 games;
U of U has won 8 times in the last 10 games;
U of U has won the last 7 consecutive games.

Sad, frustrating and hard to say but we are now
the U of U’s little brother in FB and we are their
patsies. BYU is the U of U’s Portland State.


Yep, hard to watch. The sad thing is BYU has done this to themselves to a large degree. Insisting on a soviet style ‘honor code’ more strict than even the church’s behavioral standards has resulted in a predictable recruitment disadvantage. BYU needs to be secularized. Higher education and religion don’t mix. I’m thinking of becoming a Boise State fan, even after last Saturday’s completely avoidable disaster. It’s at least nice to see that other good coaches occasionally screw up, but they almost had to work to lose that game. I can’t root for them against BYU but I hope they win all there other games. I used to feel the same about Utah but now I just hope they lose them all. In any case, BYU is off the radar for the foreseeable future.

Well, enjoy Boise then. BYU is owned and run by a religious institution. How would secularism work being owned by a Church. And, since when did football become your god?

This is the result of Utah being in the PAC 12 for several years while BYU is on the outside looking in, an indy mid-major straped with the HC and many players who break up their football experience by being away from football for two years on missions.

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And so, what is Notre Dame’s reason for excellent recruiting over the years?

Roy: That is what is it, six or seven years of Utah recruiting as a PAC-12 team with all that TV money. Plus the Utes have Whittingham, a much better coach than Bronco. He out coached the Bronco in most of the match ups in the BYU-Ute games. Just like Gary Patterson at TCU. He has made the Horned Frogs perennial winners and got them in the Big 12 (i.e. Little Ten).

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And so, how did BYU win the national championships under LaVell Edwards? We had others great years without 5 star players. How did that happen not being in a P-5 league?

Answer, BYU is on the outside of P-5 in football looking in. We can’t compete in recruiting vs. Utah anymore. It’s either lower our P-5 schedule and/or get into a good G-5 league or somehow get into a P-5 league. I really don’t see BYU getting into a P-5 league any time soon.

GrassH: That’s because the P-5 leagues didn’t exist in most of Lavel’s years as HC at BYU.

Well, yes they did. They just didn’t call them P5 or PU :nauseated_face:
And, we played those teams on occasions.


While I rarely agree with you, I do share your frustration on this topic. Until we make the necessary changes, the gap between the Utes and the cougars will continue to grow.

Changes that need to be made:

  1. Stop expecting coaches to coach for less money at BYU just because we are the Church owned University.

  2. Let the AD be the one that must be LDS in good standing and responsible for hiring the best coach available regardless of cost that will follow the guidelines of the University, at least in public and never do anything to be an embarrassment to the University and/or Church.

  3. Let the Wards, Stale Centers, and General Conferences take a more active role in recruiting our very best to support us at BYU. It could never be a mission call, but it could be the closest thing to it.

  4. We fans must be more patient with the win/loss issue while we are learning how to play a P5 schedule.

  5. As we fans see more and more commitment from the decision makers in our football program, we should show more and more patience, with equal improvement in our support as we learn to play the P5 schedule and be patient with the win/loss record as we transition from the G5 schedule to the P5 schedule.