No more time for talk!

It’s time to play the game!!! Game on!!!

Yeah it is… I hope BYU shows up at some point.

Getting owned right now, 14-0.

Lack of being aggressive again. Very hesitant.

The BYU receiver really enjoyed his great view of the interception… maybe next time he will at least try to break it up. BYU being dominated on both sides of the ball. This is the same team we saw last week against Portland State so far.

When is the team that “turned the corner” going to get on the field?

I know fish said this, but it isn’t a personal dig here. I just need to reference something current.

Why does BYU sub in and out so much? LSU doesn’t. How do we get any rythem when players can’t because they are replaced so much?

IMO the cougs are overreaching by scheduling teams like LSU. They do not have the raw talent necessary to compete on a consistent basis with power teams.

14-0 isn’t a blowout.
A couple of things. We sub too much. Players can’t get a rythem going. Second, the offense is boring. I think we need to go back to GHGF. Put some gadget plays in and keep defenses off balance.

We need to be honest with ourselves but we really don’t belong on the same field with a team like this.

They are better at every position on the field: speed, strength, quickness and all else.

Their coach is using this as a practice game, trying to see how his rushing game is shaping up. If he wanted to bomb us, he could easily pass more and we would be down by 28 right now.

I know it’s a tough game but Mangum is not looking well, Canada has no burst or strength and the line is getting completely run over - on both sides of that ball.

Hope they keep running and this game ends quickly. I thought we might be 1-5 after 6 games, but seeing Boise play today I think we can win that. As much as it hurts to say it, I just can’t see this team beating any of the other four, including next week. This may be one of the all around weakest teams we have fielded in a long, long time. Regrettably what we saw last week was not a fluke. We may well only be slightly better than a team like Portland State, and that will make for a long fall. Nonetheless I’ll cheer then on and hope for miracles.

PSU almost beat Oregon State. They are not a bad team.
We may be over matched but we are only 14 points down. Our big weakness is the offense. We aren’t going to over power them but we can out smart them. See what happens.

PSU almost beat Oregon St…Oregon St got whipped by Colorado St last week. Tanner is to hesitant. I think we will see a new QB this half at some point. Canada is not going to be a good back for us. Take him out!

Sub in every 12 plays or so… This 2 or 3 play subbing makes the lineman run 50 yards every few plays… More than they run in the field. Agree with Hopper again .

Try a new QB…And, no rythem when players are in and out so much

Who said 14-0 was a blowout? Nobody…

The truth is BYU is being owned. They don’t look like they have any chance of winning, let alone scoring. Mangum doesn’t look good at all, they have no running game and honestly, they look like a FCS team. It is kind of a bummer to watch this. I hope they make it to 100 yards of offense soon.

LSU post game comments about BYU will be mostly stuff like “they are really nice guys”…

game is boring, refs are disinterested, LSU players keep blocking after the play is dead, BYU players retaliate because they are being outplayed, refs call an unsportsmanlike penalty.

Saw that one coming several plays before it happened.

There is nothing worse than a team that plays uninspired football.

Come on Cougs…

Mangum looks like a freshman, deer in the headlights…

Sad to say but in 7 quarters of play, BYU’s offense has looked anemic, and Mangum in particular has been underwhelming. Maybe Mangum isn’t as good as everyone seemed to think. Try another quarterback.

The most telling statistic isn’t even a statistic.

BYU has not crossed the 50 yard line the entire game.

I don’t care who you are playing, if you can’t sustain a drive for more than 20 or so yards, you are not a very good team.

Detmer and Mangum were supposed to be a lethal combination.

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Moral victory on 4th and goal…

It was something to cheer about. I woke up the grandson.

Bad playing turns into stupid playing…

This might be one of the ugliest games I have ever seen a BYU team play.

This is bad, but the Michigan game felt worse.

Oh by the way next week is officially our bowl game. We are going to be under dogs at home… unbelievable.