No more time for talk!

I find Mangum’s demeanor and attitude very vexing.

This guy is a dead battery and the sooner the coaches realize it the better. He may have skills but he is no leader. Zero fire, zero toughness, compllete lack of mojo. The entire offense is following his lead. That’s a huge problem going forward.

He doesn’t look good at all. No fluidity in his throwing motion, looks robotic and mechanical. His arm looks stiff and his throws are aimed, not thrown. He doesn’t look like a qb that has played any games yet.

Still no offense… 76 yards total,

what do you expect Jim, when Detmer does not have a depth chart? he believes that the players are to play as the situation demands.

offense needs some serious soul searching.

Detmer did not stop the running backs from running. The whole line from blocking. The receivers running routes or Tanner throwing behind everybody

The line was blocking. Tanner only got sacked once and had plenty of time to set and throw. Detmer’s offense is boring and too predictable, again. Tanner has shown he can’t throw.

I was really disappointed in Mangum. He was aiming his throws and looked totally out of sync. There was no rhythm or flow to anything he was doing. I would give credit to LSU if he hadn’t done the same thing against Portland St. but this is a big problem two games in. It doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season.

The line wasn’t that great. LSU controlled the scrimmage line on both sides, you could see it on almost every play. The defense didn’t really disrupt LSU that much and the offense got no push at all.

Agree with most. I don’t think we can really tell if the offensive line wasn’t run blocking well or not. The reason is we simply don’t have a running back that can hit the holes with quickness, speed and power. Williams spoiled us.
Plus, the OL did well pass blocking. Tanner used to throw well. Now, as you mentioned, he aims and looks tight.

Jim, Grasshopper, Th3honestTruth,Rui,thawk,John Brady, mforsey, Floyd,
As front of post disclaimer: I love our coaches, each and everyone of them; I love Tanner Mangum, I like Canada; I think the full team has talent.

Having said that, the 27-0 loss to LSU, as terrible as it was, did not seem as bad to me as the 20-6 win vs Portland State.
In the LSU game, we looked like an over matched Division 1 team after the first quarter, but mostly due to the LSU penalties, we looked like we were competitive in the first quarter. It was after the first quarter that they made the needed adjustments and we did not.

It’s easy to say, change the QB, but in all the practices it is Tanner Mangum that shined and that is in part, why he was chosen as the starter. No QB has the experience of TM. We should be careful of what we ask for.

Canada got 8 yards vs the other RB’s minus yard that gave us a negative 5 yards.

Who can BYU get that would be better to coach our Quarterbacks and be OC than our Heisman Trophy winner with 14 years experience in the NFL.

As many of you suggest, it was not the defense that lost the game for us. Not many defenses on any team could stay on the field as long as our defense had to be on the field and survive any better than ours did.

I am grateful that our coaches don’t make excuses and instead, stand accountable and at the same time, give credit to where credit is due.

Las Vegas sees something in us that we do not see in ourselves. They have us favored to win the Utah Utes by 1.1 points.
The AP gives us more credit than we give ourselves as the 9/4/17 poll has us at #38 while ranking UCLA that tore Texas A.m apart in the second half of the game, but only ranks them, with the win, at # 36, just 2 points better than us with the loss.

The coaches poll is even more tellling 9/4/17with BYU at #43 after the loss to LSU but gives UCLA only 59 points after the win over Texas A.M.

Our team, our QB and our coaches show real class in the way they accept responsibility for their own actions or lack of actions, and at the same time, give credit to the other team for the superior work they did to win the game.

I love the fact that we are learning how to play with the big boys. I accept the fact that we are learning to craw and hopefully will be walking before the end of the season if not running. I am willing to be patient as I see this as the only way of getting into the Power Conference which most of us so desperately want. I never want to give up and go back to the G5 group.
I keep remembering Oklahoma, Texas, UCLA, ND at home, and other great games that could be, if we have enough patience, a weekly routine.

Two games ago were all in the past. Those polls and odds are meaningless and BYU need to work on their Offense side. Defense can improve more. There is no need to talk about joining P5 until one of them put BYU in it. I don’t want to go back to mwc or any of those g5. But, I want BYU Basketball out of this wcc! As for game 3 for football we need to play better than we did on game 1&2.

I agree with your post 3honest. Instead of a big or fabulous five maybe BYU needs to schedule a fabulous three or maybe 4. We just don’t have the depth and the 4 and 5 star players to compete. If BYU can’t do better against these P-5 times in another year or two it might be time for BYU to consider a higher level G-5 conference like the American Athletic Conference or be involved with a new conference like we did in forming the MWC.
If so, BYU ought to insist on some extra perks like higher revenue than some teams in a new conference, no Sunday play, and the BYU same day game telecast fo;;owing the
network telecasts.

JH: That comes from sitting last year. I never believed that Taysum Hill should have been the starter last year. BYU is paying for that mistake last year. Tanner needs more game experience and continue to strengthen himself. A year of Mangum sitting hurt the team badly. I think with Tanner in at QB in 2016, BYU could have one or two more of those close games.

Very thoughtful post RU. Golly, we are getting a lot more dialogue despite the current site and its limitations. I am not quite as optimistic about P-5 inclusion. I give BYU through 2018 to show that we belong with the big boys in P-5. Perhaps we need to play a fab 4 or maybe even sometimes 3 P5f games in a season. Our 2-3-and sometimes 4 star players have a realy dwpth struggle in these P-5 games. LSU was way over our heads and they really had a home game in New Orleans.Perhaps BYU needs to play less so-called neutral site games and more home and home games against P-5 opponents. Too bad Notre Dame hasn’t honored its Provo game as promised.

dew: I agree with you about getting out of the WCC in basketball. But the only way BYU can get competitive basketball schedules is to either get into a P-5 conference or a higher level G-5, like the AAC or get involved in a new high level conference with higher caliber basketball teams better G-5 football programs.

Maybe we are seeing why Tanner sat last year. Hill was a better fit with Williams.

What is BYU-P? Everytime I read on DeseretNews, some people making comments using “BYU-P”, what is that?

And nice to see Coach Kanlani Sitake on Monday saying it is his fault and his offense fault as well with Tanner Mangum. Ty taking most of the blame. Well, they need to make some, actually most changes on something but mostly on “Attitude.” I was surprise what we saw those BYU players looking at the “Deer in the HeadLight” in the Superdome. Good thing I don’t see or hear well that I don’t have to put up with those Puke Fans if we lose to them again.

Thanks Bruce,

Remember that Oklahoma was ranked above LSU when we beat Oklahoma. ND @ Provo had about the same spread between them and us as the spread between LSU and us and we beat Oklahoma. Remember when we beat UCLA in Provo 59-0, remember Texas when back to back in our house first and next in their house, we beat them. Remember when we beat Texas A/M. Remember all the other great wins that we had.

Next, remember that that was than and this is now. We did not play 5-6 teams each season ranked above us. We could handle with 1,2, 3 star players vs that 1 or 2 teams ranked above us. Now with our new consistant 5-6 teams ranked above us, we just can not handle those teams with 4-5 star players on each team that number as many as our 3 star players.

Bottom line, if we don’t use my plan above, we must have someone come up with a better plan to attract and sign up more 4-5 star players.


I totally agree with you. We are on the same page. The only difference is that I went one page beyond those things that we totally agree on.

The next big expansion comes in 2024 when the new TV contracts will be signed. The expansion at that time should take conferences to 14 or 16 teams each. There will be no expansion until that time.

We can not wait until 2024 to start preparing for; to start thinking about; to start getting use to playing with the big boys. We must start right now, or we must expand on what we started 3 seasons ago. 2024 is only 7 seasons away. If we do get chosen in 2024, we must be able to play at least 9 P5 teams per season.

The answer is not to play less P 5 teams now so that we can have a winning season now and another bowl now. That would be fooliish in my opinion. Instead, we need to get use to playing more P5 teams now, win or lose, winning season or not, bowl game or not, so that we will be ready in 7 seasons from now when the next big expansion comes.

We must find a way to recruit and sign more 4-5 star players now. What we have done in the past was good, but not good enough to compete against teams with more 4-5 star players than we have players with 3 stars.

Thanks Texas Coug 14902.

"we are getting a lot more dialogue despite the current site and its limitations. "
Thanks for your appreciation for what I am trying to do. I am trying to get people to discuss issues regarding things that keep us from being all that we could be, and more importantly discuss issues regarding what changes we can make in order to have us become all that we are capable of becoming.

I am the first to admit, that most of what I suggest will not come to pass NOW.

My hope is, that if enough thought is given to what I am saying, someone will hitch hike onto the ideas, and make workable modifications that will be accepted as new direction that will indeed, help our team of reaching it’s goal of being all that it can be.