Noodle Arm returns

As a broadcaster:

He has a nice haircut :slight_smile: He’s ready for the HC

Greg Wrubells need to be careful which Riely midht take his place as the “Voice of the Cougar at BYU.” Riley did say he will try it out for some 8 years to decide which path he wants to do. Either coach little league for his kids or become Wrubells replacement (unlikely) or take Tom Holmoe AD position (again, unlikely) - his grandpa was an AD at USU.

Anyway, good luck to him. Can you inmagine if Bronco M. was still be coaching at BYU Football and Riley N. hanging along with Bronco on the sideline with a MIC. Bronco is no big fan of the medias.
No one can replace long time voice of the Cougar like Paul James (died 10/8/2018) and Glen Tuckett (91 years old) which I sure missed them.

I like Riley Nelson as a color guy, he certainly knows BYU and the football world. Go Cougs.

I think he will do fine, he was on sports talk awhile back and was pretty good at explaining the issues being discussed.

Yes, some people understand a sport and can explain it much better than they can play it.

According to Wrubell - “He knew he’d have to compete even though he knew he could be a star at Utah State but he chose a tough path by coming to BYU.”

Translated - He knew Bronco would play him because he is gritty and being a star at BYU offers more glory and recognition than being a star at Utah State so he chose BYU even though he couldn’t throw the ball more than 30 yards downfield.

He should be fine then.

Jim Hawks is back in form and raring to go!!! It will be a great year :nerd_face:

I am here to report the truth. When we get coach speak or biased reporter speak there needs to be someone who interprets what is really being said.

That is my role.

I have been listening to him on Sports Radio, he actually does a pretty good job of explaining what he felt was the issues, and how they could overcome those issues.

He has a phrase that is pretty funny, when he talks as a commentator, he starts with "As a commentator, blah, blah, blah, But as a big fan…blah, blah, blah.

He always makes sure you know when he is talking as a fan and as a commentator.

Nice. Now, which one are you today? :crazy_face: