Not sure if anyone say this article about BYU basketball

I saw this article and found it kind of interesting:

BYU basketball: How important top-25 rankings are compared to analytics - Deseret News

Does being ranked mean more that analytics these days?

What say the fans of BYU basketball?

It’s everything!!!
Since we went to panels to decide who plays where (just how stupid is the eye test?)

Public perception will be critical. And it is never fair. case in point, BYU will be penalized over their lost to UVU and to some extent Vandy. These lazy baffoons will not do any homework and note that Baxter was lost in that game and yet they will gush all over which Duke player as injured-when or how MSU’s center was out for 2 games over Covid protocal.

We are going to lament playing and getting trounced in the B12 for years but I CAN"T WAIT to get away from the Rec league and all the Mid Major crap we have had to endure. BYU will immediately benefit from Home and Home scheduling. And that right there will change historical win loss odds.

Hopefully if a blue chip LDS player like Jabari Parker is out there the B12 membership will sway them to BYU rather than to Duke. The hope is that the great LDS players will come to BYU and not reject them to go to schools like Duke. The B12 could really help with recruiting blue chip LDS kids around the country but probably won’t help with getting the typical one and done type kid who won’t want anything to do with a school with an honor code. It could really help in those situations where a kid is debating between BYU and Utah since Utah won’t have the “we are a in a power 5 conference” argument anymore.

What means more? Public perceptionof a top 25 ranking or an NCAA berth. I used to think top 25 automatically equated to a NCAA tournament inclusion. Then came Utah St. in 2004 and St. Mary’s in 2014, and my thinking changed.

So of the two, I’ll take the NCAA berth every time.