Not sure if this is a good thing for Tonga

Tonga is more then ready. When kids serve an LDS mission, that puts them 3 years behind other NFL prospects. You only have so many years to play so get paid, I say.

Go BYU and go Tonga

Tonga made himself some $$$ Saturday…it’s just deferred

I would love to see him stay for senior year and get a degree. He choose what is best for him and he is not getting any younger. If I was him and the money is there, yeah I go for nfl.

He can still get his degree as many before him have done.

I believe someone said he was going to graduate by summer 2020, so yeah he is heading the right direction and he needs to stay healthy this season.

Missions are 3 years longer? Oh, to make up for the 1 hour cut out of Sunday classes. :face_with_monocle:

He should go to the NFL after this season. He’s probably 22…23 is old for an NFL rookie. If he can stay healthy, he can be a solid NFL player. What power! He reminds me of a slightly lesser version of Haloti Ngata. I still haven’t forgiven Ngata for going to the University of Zero instead of our beloved Cougars. But I’m glad he had a good NFL career and it sounds like he’s a terrific guy.

I understand the logic of going now, But I wonder if it is really necessary to leave before his senior year because of his “Age” for the NFL.

As an example of what I am thinking, Bart Oates who happens to be (IMHO) one of the best offensive lineman to ever come out of BYU, served a two year mission, played all four years at BYU and ended up playing 12 years in the NFL.

granted he was one of the lucky ones that never had a serious injury while playing in college or the NFL. But it is possible to have a long career and still play out your time in college.

Especially as lineman. They seem to play longer in the NFL. Not sure about defensive lineman. Different skills.

It is possible but not probable. Time value of money suggests he will get more now and be in his prime earning years longer as a D-Lineman by entering the NFL one year early.

Read an article about this. There is no one size fits all. Those who start for 5 years play about 10 years on average. Maybe the key is what round is he taken in that decides his early income. They say he’s a 1st rounder. We’ve heard that before and never panned out.

That is if they get Drafted, right?
Bart was never Drafted, he first went to the USFL then to the NFL.

Maybe I am wrong, but if you have the talent, you can play for so many years…

I think the lure of $$$ is actually a negative, because the average lineman career is 3 years and 8 month (WSJ article). Unless you are drafted, not sure the money is there.

I saw an article that says the same thing too. But that takes in all players and not those who are starters. QBs also have a 3.5 year playing length of time too. RBs and defensive line 2.5 years. But, the starters who start for 5 years stay in the NFL between 10-12 years depending on position. Tonga will probably start sometime in his first year.

For sure the idea is always bigger than the reality. Most don’t make it. Only a few play for more than 5 years. The money is mostly blown by poorly educated players who haven’t been taught or learned money management skills.

The bottom line is that for those who make it for a couple of years the money they do make is more than they could earn anywhere else.

Tonga is probably a draft choice in the first 2 rounds. I would like him to stay for BYU’s sake but he probably ought to go for his sake.

I feel your pain but it has been long over with. I too felt the same about some basketball players like Chris Burgess, J. Parker & Frank Jackson but it has been a long time ago and over with. BUT NOT SHAWN BRADLEY, he should ove come back for one more year.

Are you referring QB John Walsh who was told he would be a 1st rounder? He was never got drafted and his football career was over.

We all know Tonga is a NFL GUY and should get drafted around in the 1st - 3rd rounder. I like to see him stay in his senior year.